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After the longer 4 door 500L, we have now this SUV type called the 500X.

I wish they would stop calling these cars 500. As they have nothing to do with the actual 500. Except copying the front end.

I think the 500L and this new X look just fine.
It’s just weird they feel the need to call everything they make a version of the 500.

At least it should make US dealers very happy. they will now have 3 different cars to sell.

And all of the called the Fiat 500…

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  1. Apparently the platform will be shared with a new small Jeep.

    This 500 looks better than the 500L. In fact, I don't see any reason why the 500L should be released in the US at all. The 500X is better looking, roughly the same size, and it appeals to the SUV segment. The L is just an ugly frankenwagon.

  2. Looks like a fat 500. The fat Mini doesn't look good either. There seems to be a need to offer small cars, then to offer fat versions of small cars. Which are just essentially conventional economy cars.

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