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The big Kia, AKA K9, is now the Quoris. For overseas markets.

Not sure yet if they will be selling this in the US, but I actually saw one on the road in Hollywood a couple of weeks ago.
I must say, at first, from the front, it felt like a Maserati. Then it turned and I realized it was “the big Kia”.

It does look big, and pretty impressive in person.

Depending on markets, a 290 HP V6 and a 334 HP with DI will be available.
So I guess no V8.

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  1. I like it. Oh wait….its doors look like those of other cars. Copy cats!Couldn't they use curtains instead?

  2. Don't care for the name, but the car itself appears to be quite impressive.

    … if a bit aesthetically derivative.

  3. This care is pretty ham-fisted. It's one of those "lost opportunities." Looks like it was rushed to market. I think Kia should focus on building the best inexpensive-medium price car they can instead of trying to conquer the world by tomorrow. The name "Quoris" is about as stupid a name I've heard. Should just call it the "K9" despite the dog/Korean reference IMO.

  4. Nice try Kia.. but bringing this to the US would only dilute everything else they have been doing stylistically. Where most other Kias are now dramatically different and distinctive, this one is way too similar to the 740i and the lack of a V8 would be a major misstep.. although a V6 version would sort of fill the gaping hole Kia left open by not importing the Cadenza to replace the Amanti/Optima V6 models.

  5. Of course those that cannot see beyond their nose they do not understand that one of the major reasons why this is coming to the US is for Kia to dispel the idea of the econobox car maker, like Huyndai did with the Genesis. And they know the trick; add lots of horsepower so when the wannabes next to you in a Camaro look down on you, you can smoke them with a grin….

  6. As much as i want to like this car, I will not, because there is no originality in it, and it looks like mao z dongs turd.

  7. Quoris is a horrible name for a car let alone a Kia.

    It doesn't matter that this is their premium flagship car for the export market, I see a big fail on this once it starts being imported to the U.S.

    Also, consider that the majority of Kia dealerships reminds you of 2nd hand K-Mart stores. Doesn't bode well for them.

  8. The lack of a V8 proves they don't want to compete directly with the Genesis.. but this could be pitched as a nice V6 RWD alternative to the Azera and Avalon, which seems to indicate why Kia has dragged its feet about bringing the Cadenza to the US. Do it!!

  9. "The lack of a V8 proves they don't want to compete directly with the Genesis……"

    V-8 engines will be a thing of the past in a few years. Honda new something by not entering the race mania, although they were criticized as narrow minded at the time.

  10. I feel like I've seen this before. Because it's been around for years, as a BMW.

    Only Ford can do the F150. It's boring, but they own the design.

    Only Toyota can do a Camry. Many have tried doing boring and have failed. Toyota owns boring. They own it.

    Only BMW can do a 7 Series. It's an ugly whale, but it's the benchmark. They own it.

    In 1989, Lexus trumped Mercedes with a knockoff S Class. It was similar looking, but much more comfortable compared to the hard-as-rocks interior of MB. And the service was much better.

    What does Kia have to offer, besides a cut-rate 7 Series? And please don't say quality. Stranded Kias are still a common site on the side of the road.

  11. Stranded Kias are still a common site on the side of the road…..

    …and you own the statistics of your imagination!

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