More Mazda 6 teasers

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We can almost see the whole thing now.
And it is looking good.

Let’s hope the interior is as nice.

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  1. It looks good now, but what about when there's still one year of payments left and rust bubbles are popping-up all over?

    The biggest problem with Mazda isn't the way they look, or the way they drive. It's the fact that they rust like 70's Fiats.

    Take a good look at Mazdas in the North East, the Midwest or Canada. Late model Mazdas are consistently rusty.
    I'm amazed that they sell any cars outside SoCal, Nevada and Arizona.

  2. It's a nice update, if nothing groundbreaking.. hopefully the hatch and wagon can return to the US market now that all are sharing the same wheelbase. Wonder how long they can go without a new platform though.

  3. It looks nice, but I think the rear looks a little like the Hyundai Sonata's. I wonder if Mazda looked at the Sonata like Nissan did with the Altima.

  4. @ July 25, 2012 5:22 AM


    I travel for a living and I am in the automotive industry. I haven't noticed a disproportionate amount of rusted Mazdas compared to ANY other brand.

    FYI, I drive a IS350 so I am not biased.

  5. The only modern car that I've noticed severe rust is still Toyota pickups. They always rust at the wheel wells of the bed. These areas trap mud and water after being off road.

    If Mazdas were prone to rust, then Ford and Volvo should be as well. Since they have historically shared many of the same platforms and production methods. I just don't see this ever.

  6. The Rear actually seems like an evolution of the original Mazda 6. It's sad that the classic "MAZDA" letters have changed font on the car (the tag still has it).

  7. Anonymous (if that's your real name…),

    Look it up.
    There are thousands of links to Mazda owners complaining about their rusted-out cars, often before they are done with payments.

    Those are real people spending real money. I'm sure many of them can't afford to take the loss.

    The really sad thing is when one of them says "I asked the dealer about rust issues, and he said that those were fixed on the new generation of cars." A few years go by, and dealers are saying the same thing about the next generation…

    I personally like Mazdas. They've always had great throttle response and steering. I won't buy one until they've gone through a few model cycles and demonstrated that they've fixed the rust issue.

    Right now, the only sane way to get a Mazda is on lease. Either that or get an MX-5/RX-8 and put it away before the first frost.

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