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I tested a few versions of the current Forte a couple of years ago, and found it a very nice car.
This new one should even be, and look better.

Which will bring another good compact sedan to the US market.
It is basically a “trunk added” version of the new Kia Ceed sold in Europe.
And the Ceed should end up over here as the new Hatchback version of the Forte.

Good news…

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  1. Vince, do you proofread anything? Anything at all?????

    5 sentences and 4 mistakes? Honestly, a 4th grader is a better writer.

  2. I know that the ex-Audi designer is essentially copying these designs line-for-line from cars his previous employer has offered for years. But Hyundai/Kias are all starting to look like half used bars of soap.

  3. The last one was a giant step forward from the Spectra.. this one doesn't look a whole lot different from the previous model, but neither does any of the competition (save the Elantra).

  4. What you mean stright up copying Audis from line to line? What about the KV7 concept, Naimo, sportage, Venga, Rio, K2, new cee'd,Forte Koup, Kia Ray, Optima, and not even the K9 is a line for line Audi copycat (bmw maybe like the backend of the Lacross is too). And the Kia GT may have the A7's greenhouse but so does the 2013 Avalon too. Unlike the faces of the Lancer, Tundra, VW Iroc, Chevy Sonic and the Honda CR-Z. I'm jtz I can get cars YOU NEVER THOUGH IN YOUR LIFE COPIED!!!

  5. You know what Vince. It's time for me JTZ to once again get all the nonkorean copycat cars. Lets begin shall we? First: Dodge Dart, 2013 Nissan Altima, 2009 Buick Lacross, 2004 Infniti M, Saturn L300, Ford Focus, 2012 Infinti M, 2013 Toyota Avalon hint greenhouse but only the 2007 Hyundai Azera's greenhouse would be the copycat since it's Korean ignoring everyone eles.
    Cars with BMW like C pillars: Buick Regal, Honda Accord, Mazda 3 sedan, Jagaur, but only the K9 is the copycat ignoring that the new Acura RLX is also using those BMW like C pillars including the Civic and the new Suabru Impresza sedan (or WRX sedan one of those Subarus).

    cARS WITH CIRCULAR HEADLIGHTS: Dodge Neon, Fiat, Jeep, Hummer, Toyota FJ, 2002 WRX, Jaguar S Type, 1994 Celica, First generation VW bug and current version honda N600 but only the 2004 Kia amanti's headlights would be the copycat since it's Korean. ignroing that Mercedes Benz and Bentley also uses Circular headlights.
    Cars with Black A pillars: Mini Cooper, Land Rover Ranger Rover, 2012 Ford Exporer, Scion XB, new VW Beatle, but only the Kia Soul would be the copycat ignoring that the Ford Flax, Infinti's new Suv, and the Honda N600 also has black A pillars but since they aren't Korean they are orginal.
    Greenhouses: 2013 Nissan Versa and 2009 Mazda 3, Ford 500 and Audi A6, Mercedes C and VW CC, Mazda CX-5 Infinti EX and 2009 Impresza hatch. I'm jtz have a nice day.

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