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Basically a “trunk added” version of the recently introduced European Ceed.
Which is a good thing.
Of course, these official sketches are a bit exaggerated.
Still, we can see a really nice looking compact sedan.

This is the real thing.
It looks like par of the chrome surrounding the windows is still covered.
Unless they have different trims for different markets…

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  1. At least this looks promising and will be a much needed improvement over the existing model.

    Although the current model has improved over its production life cycle the Kia Forte has never really stood out as a class leader.

    Kia will be wise to continue playing in the economy sandbox segment rather than selling premium upscale automobiles like the upcoming ill-fated Quoris they plan on bringing to U.S. shores.

  2. Certainly shows hints of 'baby' Optima yet has it's own thing going… Very Handsome – Kia may soon to lay claim to having the single handsomest vehicle lineup existent.

  3. I am not a Kia buyer, not any time soon anyway. But, it is obvious that their designs will be some of the best in the market in the next 4 years.

  4. Yes, very exaggerated. Complete with aircraft entrails that Kia/Hyundai sketch artists always add. I'm sure that this car will just be another half used bar of soap style that are typical of their current designs.

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