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They always try to convince us the next LS will be this amazing looking and sporty car.
Which it isn’t. It always ends up looking kind of like the previous generation Mercedes S class.

So, again, here is a teaser picture of the next generation. Are we supposed to think the car is so sleek and fast it is “smoking hot”?

It probably be another nice and quiet upscale car.
But smoking hot it won’t be….

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  1. I second that; the current LS is one of the better looking and elegantly styled luxo cars on the market

  2. The current LS looks phenomenal. Like it was hand sanded from a block of granite.
    I get that it lacks a masculine character, but that doesnt mean its a poor design.

    Lets put it this way; in 10 years time, it will look perfectly normal as does the original today.

    On the other hand, the vast majority of large luxury cars on the road today will not be looked upon kindly in 10 years time.

    having said that, the current S-Class is iconic in a way the current LS just isnt and cant be.

    And I must also add.The new BMW Gran Coupe 4 door is sex on wheels. It is the kind of the 4 door designs… for now….

    Vince, I seriously disagree with your take on many Japanese designs…

    2 that come to mind:
    2011 Camry
    2012 Civic

    both are great, clean designs. They will age very well. They are crisp and well considered.

    Some of the newer Korean designs you rave about are just the flavour of the month. You will see, most will not age well.

    Get some glasses… I have read your site for years and have had it with your negative design analysis….

  3. I'd say the current s-class and 7-series became more lexus-like after the ls was introduced, not the other way around

  4. The LS is poorly designed. It really doesnt have any flavor at all. Lexus/Toyota even admit they need to design more excitement into their vehicles. The 7 series and the S-class are much more sporty and luxurious. I've driven all three and the Lexus is like driving a sofa. To much damping and to boring.

  5. The LS is not a bad car, it's just safe. Even Toyota's "exciting" cars are formulaic and safe. The nightmarish grill is safe because it's been done by nearly every other automaker since 2005. But the execution is poor.

    Unlike the masterful launch of the brand in '89, they have been struggling for legitimacy. With the exception of the old LS and the nearly nonexistent LFA, it's hardly even a luxury brand.

  6. Why doesn't Lexus realize that their dramatic teaser photo looks like nothing more than a Camry on fire?

  7. I would not call the current S-Class a world class design. When I first saw the current generation (before the refresh)…I literally thought I was looking at a 2003 Altima with a Mercedes grill.

    – FusioptimaSX

  8. Anonymous said…
    "Why doesn't Lexus realize that their dramatic teaser photo looks like nothing more than a Camry on fire?"

    Nothing wrong with that looking at the Camry sales figures.

  9. Vince you are moron some times! It is an amazing car compared to most cars out there, I drive a Camry hell even a ES350 is luxurious to me. And I don't think it is trying to be Sporty? at all. It is a True Luxury car and if Merc can make a S63AMG and Audi a S8 I am sure Lexus can do it too. I don't think the LS looks anything like a S Class and if you think it does, you dont know anything about cars. People dont have to like all cars on the market.

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