2013 Honda Accord.

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First. Is it too much to ask for good pictures anymore?

I mean, this is the 1st impression we get of Honda’s most important model. And these 1st pictures are horrible.
The coupe especially. And who, at Honda, picked that color???

As for the car. It probably looks much better in person. Thanks to these assy pictures.

Although nothing is new. The whole thing seems like a combo between the current model, and bits of other cars.
But again, hard to tell on these pics.

Honda uses the usual PR BS when describing the styling. Words like “Expressive, sophisticated, premium, dynamic tension or sporty attitude” are thrown around while their meaning is cruelly distorted.

The sedan will probably be fine. Hoping the interior ends up better than the current one. Its main competition being the Camry, I am sure the new Accord will do OK.
And although I am glad to see Honda keeping the 2 door version around. I wish they had done something a bit sportier.
Even if it only “looked” sporty.
This is again, a 2 door sedan.

On another note, I was watching a 1979 film last week end called “Time after Time”. Where Mary Steenburgen drives an “old” Accord Hatchback.
Made me realize how far in the wrong direction that car went. No more hatchback, too big. That late 70’s Accord coupe seemed like a cool modern alternative to what else was available back then.
Over the years, the Accord has become one of the most conservative choice around.


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  1. Honda still makes a car in the spirit of the '79 Accord, they just call it a Civic now. And the true Civic spirit is now in the Fit/Jazz.

  2. So… They're sticking with the same boring shape with a bit of 2010 Infiniti G25 'sculpting' grafted onto the side and a whole lot if 2010 Hyundai Genesis sedan plopped on the back – What A Wasted Opportunity.

    Honda is littered with complete design failures lately and this does nothing to change matters.

  3. This is huge, big, massive, exciting news for the competition. Honda just screwed themselves again, they did the same old thing with civic too. The competition must be so happy. I just drove the new Altima 2013 and I have to tell ya it is something else….sooooo quiet and smooth and the best seat I ever sat in. Honda is screwed.

  4. Again, I find it funny that we expect a new design from Honda and Toyota every 5 years. However, we all like BMWs and Auddis with old designs. In Audi's case 20 years in the making. Why should we expect more from a cheaper brand?

    Additionally, just blame the Europeans for this and us for supporting their lack in creativity. For that reason we are going to see more of this coming.

    When was the last time that the Audi and BMW lineup look different? The models are the same, even their SUVs. But then again, we praise the.

    I guess in 20 years from now, we will adore this accord since Honda will be massaging it as much as Audi massage theirs.

  5. A positive here is that "conservative" typically ages well. For those of us who won't lease and can't afford to trade frequently, that's a very good thing. Thank you Honda, BMW, Toyota, Audi et al.

  6. Wow! That's sure one nice Hyundai Gen—oh wait. Maybe this is revenge over Hyundai's 2006 Sonata? To Tell you the truth, the 06-10 Sonata's rear end ended up looking better than the 03-05 Accord.

    While it's an improvement over 2008-2012…I didn't expect them to pull a Toyota.

  7. To save money Honda closed the design department and gave the job to a well known conservative Margaret Tatcher!

  8. Honda has now become synonymous with "fugly." Is anyone really surprised at the clumsy, awkward lines and incoherent detailing anymore? So sad, they have totally lost their way.

  9. How could Honda have possible settled on this design? It's horrible. If there were no honda badges on it, I'd swear it was a Hyundai. I'd say that this is disastrous for Honda, but Honda buyers don't care about style. So they'll probably buy it anyway.

  10. These Hondas are not "all-new". The exterior panel joints and the windshield angle are identical to the previous generation. Even the side windows are not all new; they reshaped the side windows literally by "cutting corners".

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