2013 Honda Accord

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Thanks to a reader, we have now a much better idea of what the all new Accord looks like in the real world.
Which is, boring of course. But not that bad.
A typical North American market mid sized sedan. With no surprises.
Most people have noticed the Hyundai rear end. But it also looks like the Sonata has been quite an influence on the profile of the new Honda.
Which isn’t so bad since everybody is copying everybody these days…

Production starts today in Ohio, where these pictures were taken.

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  1. I see no sonata from the profile view. I think this will sell big. It has nice subtle luxury cues and a a splash futuristic tone to it without going overboard. Theres one more picture that was taken that shows the rear view head on that you didnt include here, and from that angle, the rear looks less genesis-esque. Also, keep in mind this is most likely the LX edition.

  2. yeah, this is the base model…and it is nicely equipped and doesn't look cheap…subtle luxury in my opinion…

  3. Front: Copy of the previous generation Sonata.

    Side: Copy of the current generation Sonata.

    Rear: Copy of the current generation Genesis sedan.

  4. Ok…

    I'm actually warming up…as I always state – final judgement based upon final viewing in person.

    This said, one nagging compliant I have about ALL Honda's – WTF is up with the undersized wheels?!? REALLY!!

  5. Absolutely Nothing About This Design Is Reminiscent of the (very stylish) Hyundai Sonata.

    Though I do agree that it's (typical) boring Honda.

    Oh Well… There are likely enough boring/tasteless buyers out there to make it popular enough.

  6. Seems Ford Fusion is the only upcoming sedan having distinct design (in Europe arguably more evolutionary Mondeo).

    I'm sure next phase is Honda saying like Toyota how much more emotional their designs must become. And yet Toyota still continues adding predictable new front/back and say it's cool new design.

  7. Good call Vince, I definitely see the Sonata influenced side profile, along with the Genesis rear. But I also see the Kia inpired wheels… Wow, how times have changed. I remember when Hyundai/Kia tried their best to copy everybody else, even Jaguar. Just another reason why Hyundai will probably run this industry in the next ten years.

  8. This is embarrassing for Honda. It's a clear copy of Hyundai. It doesn't' bode well that Honda is copying one of the lowest-rent brands on the market.

  9. The new Accord will be lighter and slightly smaller than the previous generation. It will also have direct injection and have the option of a six-speed manual transmission. The hybrid is going to be four-wheel drive and oriented towards performance. These are widely-known facts that anybody can verify with a quick google search.

    Combined with the smoother styling (compared to the model on sale now), I think this is actually a pretty nice car that Honda didn't completely ruin like the Civic. The front end looks more like the coupe, much more cohesive. Give me Passat or give me Accord!

    Also, Hyundai copies Honda EVERY DAY with their logo. It might be slanty and swishy, but it's still an H in a circle.

  10. LX Accords have never had rims (other than the Special Editions), pretty sure this is probably an EX and not a base LX…..

  11. Side copies BMW a bit; rear is pure Hyundai/Kia. A generic mish-mash of mid-size sedan cues. And if good looks mattered to Honda Buyeres–there would never have been any Honda buyers in the first place. My only question is this: why waste ANY time or money for a re-style? Nobody–including the buyers–cares!

  12. It decent looking but you can tell Honda has just given up. They're suppose to be the "leaders" that set the benchmark. With this Accord they just passed the torch to Hyundai. The way Hyundai is going they will be another full generation ahead of Honda with the next Sonata.

  13. I think it is a good idea that it's takes some styling cues from Hyundai/Kia. The Koreans has forced others carmakers rethink about how they design cars. To me this new accord reminds of the 96-97 accord. I have a 97 accord special edition that was gold. So it's an old but new look Ijs. I still think my my 2009 Acura tsx is the best car I have ever own.

  14. I think the message is quite clear: Clean, Simple, emotional/organic, & Kinetic. The design is a botched up job of mixing and matching different things from different automakers, not much in it is Honda, but I think the design "language" is most influenced by BMW. VW was the first to turn that corner with the Passat, the Altima, Fusion, MKZ, and Mazda6 are also following in that direction when they hit market. Better looking then the Sonata(which sadly won't get a remake any time soon), Camry, Malibu, should be interesting to see this take on the Fusion, Altima, and Mazda6.

  15. Education Project, You might want to 'educate' yourself quite a bit more as Hyundai has already announced that the Sonata is to be redesigned for the 2014 model year… So much for your "won't get a remake any time soon' (false) claims.

    Anyway… The more pics I see of this 'newish' Accord, the less appealing/more boring it becomes with only the current VW Passat being more dowdy looking.

    Aesthetically the 2011+ Opitma, 2013 Fusion, 2013 Mazda 6 and 2011+ Sonata (in that order) all make the newish Accord look a complete mess.

  16. To Some,the Hyundai may set the benchmark for styling, but, guess what? Underneath….it's still just Hyundai crapola.

  17. This is an embarrassment to Honda. They honestly had the best vehicle in every single segment it was in, I mean truly class leading.

    Not anymore.

    I have no idea what happened at Honda, but they need to get back on the ball. The new DI 2.4 has less horsepower than the outgoing 2.4 that was non-DI. That's pathetic. This thing looks like a Genesis and Sonata rip.

    I fully expect the upcoming Fusion and Mazda 6 to walk all over the new Accord. I'd take a Sonata or Optima over it without even having to think twice.

    @ August 22, 2012 11:09 PM

    Moronic comment.

    It is one of the most reliable vehicles in its segment. There is nothing "crapola" about it other than your dumb comment.

    Do some research and stop spreading FUD.

  18. What is important is NOT how Honda was before. What really matters is how Honda is now and it is sh*t.

  19. The new engine is designed for torque not HP…Please learn the relationship.
    The CVT is a torque converter. Finally a Honda engine that you dont have to beat the piss out of to get it to go!

  20. The new , stunning Sentra up above even beats this car and is a segment below. The Altima presents a no win situation for this accord.

  21. RE: "August 25, 2012 5:14 PM …
    It is one of the most reliable vehicles in its segment. There is nothing "crapola" about it other than your dumb comment…
    Do some research and stop spreading FUD.

    I tend to agree with August 25, 2012 5:14 PM. No "research" is necessary. I just googled Honda and got this right away:


    also see: hondaproblems.com

    and the CU coming out this week says they like the Odessy's stiff handeling (obviously they never took a family on a long trip in this thing); but can't "Recommend" it due to poor quality/poor reliability.

    There's more than a few cracks in the Honda Armor these days. Thats why we just bought a Town & Country after looking & driving every minivan out there. (That plus the smooth ride of Sienna & Town & Country) coupled with the better handeling of Honda & Town& Country) and the overall feeling og "quality" that seems to have left Honda and gone to Chrysler.

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