2013 Nissan Sentra

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At first I really though this was the new Altima.
But no. Just a smaller version of the same design.
It looks OK, but nothing special. I guess they want to convey an upscale feel by making it look like their larger and more expensive model.
(Some people might even think they don’t really need to spend the extra cash on the Altima.)

It also looks a lot like last year’s Infiniti LE EV concept. Which isn’t that great for Infiniti.

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  1. The Altima design does not translate that well into a smaller car.. looks squished…. however the interior looks far more upscale than the weird, boring, 80's looking dashboard on the new altima

  2. Good design by Nissan. I like it. But here's the problem I see. The interior has a lot of free flowing "organic" design cues shared with infiniti. For example, look at the interior door handle, looks like it was taken from the infiniti M. I agree this isnt good for infiniti. Overall its a good design in an overly saturated market of compacts.

  3. Well it's better than a Corolla, but that's not saying much. I don't know who in their right mind would want this over a Focus or Elantra. This already looks very outdated.

  4. it looks fine, even a bit 'upscale', which is far more than can be said for the absolute bargain-basement looking/feeling Toyota Corolla or VW Jetta.

    Still… of all the newer compacts, the Dodge dart is By Far the best feeling, driving and looking so far.

  5. From the side it looks almost like an exact copy of the Ford Fiesta Sedan…

    Well better than previous gen Sentra at least.

  6. Buick Verano, Dodge Dart and Nissan Sentra hint greenhouses if the Forte had a greenhouse like that it would be the copycat while the other non-Korean cars would get away with it. I'm jtz I can get cars from A to Z.

  7. nissan finally will/may catch toyota and honda. This and the new Altima should give all Nissan dealers a lot to cheer about….Go Nissan!

  8. From what can be seen here, I would think this car is a Lexus/Acura level car. You may see Infiniti offering a turbo version, Wow! a real shakeup car.

  9. Greenhouse from rear looks like Lexus/Dart/Acura. Tailights are O:K — untill compared with the much more upscale full-width unit on the DART. Overall though, a decent car–should compete well in this segment.

  10. well well well, Nissan seems to have woken up. New Altima, stunning, New Sentra….same. Altima has incredible fuel economy. I see a shift , as Nissan says, Finally. They have been using the "Shift" slogan for years, but it had no validity until now.

  11. True dat, New Altima is here, plus new Sentra, New Pathfinder, New Versa Hatch and new Rogue….all soon. I think this company has found it's tride and well needed traction. They can now regain what was given up over the past 5-8 years. I work at VW and we r watching very closely.

  12. Saw the Altima in person and I was VERY turned off by that dipping character line. Ruins the while car Looks bad here too. Not a fan.

  13. Exactly…The dipping line makes it look stupid…Like a 12 year old girl designed it. The Altima is an absolute friggin eyesore because of it.

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