2013 Range Rover

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The big Range Rover is all new for 2013.
And looking a lot like the old one. Which in this case, might not be too bad.
Although the current model still looks good after all these years. This one doesn’t seem such an improvement.
I hear a big reduction in weight is expected. Which is a good thing, and could help the horrendous gas mileage.
Plus the new V6 from the upcoming Jaguar F-Type might be available, even in the US.

More on this very soon.

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  1. Just a few changes to the front and rear but I think this is enough for Range Rover customers. There're more about brand image anyway. This design is like a lovechild between the old Range Rover and the old Isuzu Axiom, which isnt a bad thing as long as it doesnt drive like one.

  2. THIS represents a decade of design development… Really?

    I don't care how (seemingly) well it drives, it looks like little more than a slightly modified version of the current one – Read: Goofy and Unbalanced!

  3. "THIS represents a decade of design development… Really?"

    It's an evolved version of the hugely successful Range Rover that was launched ten years ago. Not only is it visually updated, and has more creature comforts, but it loses 700 lbs. So yes, really.

  4. Car is cool and modern and nice, but i think they could do better specialy with the head lights! its just simmiler to Ford Concept for there 4×4 cars!!

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