2013 Toyota Auris

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Finally here, the second generation of Toyota’s Euro compact.
Our next Corolla will share this car’s platform. But not the design.

The Auris has always ben much more modern looking than the Corolla, so don’t expect much from the next Corolla.
If this one is as modern as a Toyota can get.
Just like the current Euro Civic, this looks worse than the previous version.
It seems that the design is all over the place.

I just saw the new Elantra GT the other day, which looks 100 times better than this.

We’ll see if they can make the Corolla look worse than the current one…

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  1. "The Auris has always ben much more modern looking than the Corolla, so don't expect much from the next Corolla."

    Toyota has already gone on record to say that the next Corolla will be an incredibly dramatic departure from the expected, more drastic than the Avalon.

    Do some research, Vince.

  2. If the Matrix lives on, would Toyota consider bringing this over to the US and badging it as a Matrix?

  3. This is a complete mess. I don't think there's anything that Toyota can do to make me want one. I've grown to despise this brand.

  4. The simplicity of the instrument panel design on this car is just awesome. I've never owned a Toyota, have never even considered one on my shopping list, but if this is the direction they're going to take their design, that might change. By contrast, the layout of Ford interiors is a dizzying carnival ride of gadgetry. Very well done.

  5. "What's up with the front badge? Why is it different than the rear one, which is a typical Toyota badge?"

    August 20, 2012 11:18 AM

    Its the Japanese version which carries a different front badge.

  6. @ August 20, 2012 8:55 PM

    Don't forget a whole raft of JDM products.

    Americans want boring, and Toyota has delivered what the public majority desire. Don't blame them, blame your fellow countrymen.

  7. "Doesn't matter how many and how much people hate Toyota as they claim, sales number speak."

    Exactly. They're right up there with McDonald's in quality, repeat customers, and volume. (Even though GM is selling more vehicles these days; and Ford has more respect from people who are into performance/reliability/value). But Toyota has done a remarkable job of moving past the unintend acceleration/faulty brakes/electronics glitches/wrongful death lawsuits.

  8. The negative comments here are probably from people who are jealous that their own preferred car manufacturer isnt doing as well.

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