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This suposely the 1st picture of the production version.
We saw the concept a few months ago.

This basically a sedan version of the new A Class hatchback. Although a pretty slick one. More like a baby CLS.
Not sure if the hatchback will be coming to the US or not, but the sedan will be.
And by that time, it will be competing with the all new Audi A3 sedan.
As well as maybe a 4 door version of the new BMW 1 series.

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  1. So far… Looks a good deal more appealing than any of Mercedes' aesthetically disastrous designs of late though one still has to ask, "What's The Point of This Again?"

  2. will be competing with the all new Audi A3 sedan.
    As well as Mercedes' own C-class sedan, which will look downright dowdy by comparison..

  3. Almost overkill on good looks & style for a compact sedan. Maybe to take a bite out of Korean sales?? LOL

  4. Looks more like a shrunken CLS than the more original and elegant CLA concept we all remember with its turbine-esque rims, sharper wing mirror design, and shorter greenhouse. while it's nice to know that you can buy a smaller version of something much larger and more expensive, it would have been nice to see Mercedes do something a bit more original that would actually advance their design language rather than keep it in the same place

  5. I like it but I'm not digging those 5-spoke wheels. Something about 5-spokes on any car looks cheap and off-putting to me.

  6. The 1-series, A3, and sub C-class makes a lot of sense in America (home of the tallest & heaviest people on earth); because everyone knows that Americans are getting skinnier & shorter every year. And since they're also getting richer why not indroduce a flurry of smaller, more expensive cars???

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