New 2013 Honda Accord

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This, besides being quite boring, actually can turn out pretty elegant in real life.
The interior seems to be a big improvement over the current plasticky mess.
And the whole thing seems much better looking than the 2012 Camry.

Although it faces tough competition from the Sonata/Optima cousins. And especially the upcoming 2013 Fusion.

We’ll see if this is enough for Honda .

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  1. Honda needs to stop with that tired old gigantic knob in the middle of the dash. Not only does it look terrible, it is ergonomically awful to boot.

  2. Better looking than the Camry does not equal elegant. It's still dreadful.

    But kudos for being optimistic.

  3. Vince what about the new Altima. ? I am driving one and it's the best driving riding car I have ever driven.

  4. Still Ugly, I hate the curent Honda, I hate the 80's but I love the Honda's from then. I can't stand the current one's. And you think Vince that that interior is better? you need to go to an optomitrist!

  5. Ever notice the personality types of the people that buy Accords? They really aren't going to care if it's ugly.

  6. Honda has taken over the GM way of thinking; making automobile they think we need instead of making automobile we want!!

  7. This is such a non-design… Dull, lifeless, and unappealing in every way – and that includes the interior.

    Honda has truly lost its way, maybe even moreso than Toyota at this point.

  8. The overall car looks inoffensive and well proportioned.

    Though the design especially the rear deck was definitely lifted from the Hyundai Genesis.

    At least this shows that Honda recognizes a good design even if they have to rip it off.

    Prediction: Honda buyers will love, love, love this because they still believe the "Hondas are indestructible" myth.

  9. Looks good to me! Of course I'm MORE INTERESTED in how it drives than how it looks. I presently drive an '05 Accord and have sold the car pending purchase of a 2013.
    I sold the car for $12k, that's 44%of my purchase price for 7.5 years and 81K miles of driving which equates to 18.5 cents/mile. I figure I'll be into the new one for $31-32k, or roughly $20K net for another 7 years of trouble-free driving.

  10. I am tired of people keep on giving the Genesis the design credit, when the Genesis is cross between Infinty and the BMW 7 series. There isn't anything original about the Genesis. In fact the back of this car looks much more like an RL, 7 series and a little bit of the E-Class.

  11. Nothing is as ugly and uninspiring as the new Camry.
    How could a guy ever drops his manhood by driving a freekin' Camry. And Toyota tries to pimp it as if it is a guy car. What a joke!

  12. I am tired of people keep on giving the Genesis the design credit…"

    You read too much into it. The Genesis is a handsome design although it may have borrowed a few elements here and there. Hyundai,whether we like it or not, have established their own identity in the market, and now after hiring away the US BMW design head, they will further refine their design language. Bummer!

  13. All I am saying is the currrent Genesis while it may be put together better than Acura or Lexus, however the whole design is not original. There is hardly any original design out there, except maybe the Jeep Wrangler and some audi's. I must also say most of the German cars tend to be original design. Although some time they borrow from each other. How ever, they don't copy Asian designs,. None of the Asians , from Acura to Toyota have original designs. And yes, when I say Asians I meant Hyundai too.

  14. I like it, looks like the Genesis, which is payback for the 06 Sonata looking like the 98 Accord???? LOL. The current car a,ready feels so much more premium compared to the nasty plasticky Sonata which has zero steering feel or sporty dynamics… so no competition there. It's hard to see this topping the Camry though, despite being better.

  15. Haha.

    Honda is copying Hyundai now, who would have thought that it would ever come to this?

    I'd take the Sonata/Optima, Fusion, or the upcoming Mazda 6 over this ugly thing any day of the week. This still isn't as nice as the Sonata which was released 3 years ago now…

    When you drive an Accord or Camry, you've basically given up on life.

  16. nonsence… I drive a 2008 Accord 5 speed manual. I love this car and I've driven plenty of the competition! I am thrilled to see that all 2013 manual transmission Accords will also be have 6 speed standard where most manufacturers are abandoning them to boast fuel efficency. I need a larger car such as the Accord but I don't want to give up the Honda transmission and handling. Keep it simple.

  17. What has Honda done?????

    Sonata or Optima all the way, I wouldn't even have to think twice if I were buying a D segment sedan.

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