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The Picasso has always been a really modern, almost futuristic looking car.
The current model, although now 6 years old, still looks great.

The next one looks like it is pushing the envelope a little bit more.
Especially in the front. Where the LED running lights are where you would expect the headlights to be.
(These are just bellow)
The whole idea seems to give a really modern and clean look to the front end.
I guess this will soon spread to other models in the brand.

And maybe someone else will even copy it…

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  1. I agree that Citroen is not afraid to push the boundaries of automotive design but there are a few cars which already have this unusual headlight configuration, like the Rolls Royce Phantom (except for the latest model) and Nissan Juke. Looks very good in this illustration though!

  2. It's nice to see a manufacturer that could care less whether their vehicle is generic enough to sell in the US.. and believe me, without sharp-edged rectangular headlights, a hexagonal 3- or 4-bar grille, and a trunk.. it most likely never will.

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