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Somehow, I just felt compelled to take a blurry picture of the $500 000 car crossing in front of me…

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  1. Something you don't see every day… Unless you happen to live in Las Vegas (especially the Summerlin area where I live).

    Frankly, I find them rather 'gaudy', so to each their own.

  2. What is the point of a $500k convertible? I am at a loss. But also an indication how small some humans are…

  3. They are a pretty common sight here in Washington, DC too, lots of fat cat lobbyist and lawyers with more money than sense.

  4. I summer on the east end of Long Island. Bentleys are more common than mustangs, and I must see one of these uber fancy Rollers at least once every couple days. For the merely affluent, it's shocking (and impressive) to see how the truly rich attempt to set themselves apart. They attend nightly charity events, which helps minimize the guilt. Personally, I consider these cars in the same league as works of art. They are truly spectacular. It's especially impressive to see the contrast when parked next to a mass produced car like a Camry. They even make an S-Class look inferior.

  5. Years ago I inherited my elder aunt's (called her grandma) 1981 Camargue and Civic. The Camargue was a retirement gift to herself, Civic was literally her grocery getter/erands car. Decades ago she busted her tail creating companies in Silicon Valley (before it was called Silicon)that are good stewards of the community and feed, clothe, and educate folks to this day. She was a hard working african american woman that faced racism and sexism. She earned her Rolls

  6. $500,000 Rolls and mental illness must have a high correlation. And I thought the expression went like, if you have a big…. you do not need a Porsche. Wrong brand perhaps?

  7. I love it! , If any of you negative, bitter, unsuccessful ants had the cash, you would get one too. Why not? It's the poor folk that always point the finger and make excuses. This is great. BTW, I drive a Maserati Graturismo Convertible in red and you sheep probably think that's not true….typical.

  8. It is a very predictable human behavior……and the jealousy is so obvious. Please grow up and see what is real. A gorgeous car that someone can afford and enjoy…..great for them, too bad for you.

  9. "BTW, I drive a Maserati Graturismo Convertible in red and you sheep probably think that's not true….typical."

    Were you snoring when you did it?

  10. August 8, 2012 8:14 AM
    A gorgeous car that someone can afford and enjoy…..great for them, too bad for you.

    Rolls is gorgeous? Is it too much dope?

  11. …. Like a Rembrandt is just paint dumped on a rag.

    Let future generations decide whether Rolls is a Rembrandt. For right now, besides ugly, it also looks silly without a top, like the Murano. If you want to be seen driving an expensive car, just don't tint the windows.

  12. It ain't ugly — unless you think Rembrandt was a hack! Seriously though, if you can affort ANY car in the world–why not the most aesthetically pleasing, proportionately correct, finely tailored, precision machined masterpiece to ever hit the road? Apparently enough of those who, by definition–know how to handle money; see this at the best automotive investment they can make. So many see it that way, in fact, that even at these prices, ROLLs sales are on the rise!

    I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I for one think these things are absolutely magnificent!

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