2013 Euro Ford Mondeo: what we won’t get in the new Fusion

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First this good looking hatchback version.
Shown here with the Euro only panoramic roof option.
Because, you know, “Americans don’t like hatchbacks”.
Says Ford who sells us tons of the Focus as a hatchback.

We are not getting the wagon either.
Which will compete in Europe with wagon versions of the Opel Insignia, VW Passat, the new Mazda6 and many others.

At least it’s good to know these cars are around. And maybe Ford could change their minds in the future…

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  1. Actually, the "hatchback" version, to me looks like a "fastback". If you are comparing it to the Focus hatchback, you would want to take the "wagon" version, slant that back window more and add a wing or wind deflector over the rear window – THEN you'd have a hatchback.

    Last I've seen, Americans aren't too thrilled with "fastbacks". "Sportbacks" on the other hand (volvo s60, bmw 3 series, lexus gs), those are popular, but sportback have a higher trunk lid level. (from what I've gathered) 🙂

  2. It's not huge design difference from the sedan. They could have added 5th door in sedan just as well. I guess it's cost cutting feature not to offer it?

    I wish Ford would sell liftback here. Difference in cargo space is big especially if they'd sell the hybrid as a liftback.

  3. Another missed opportunity…first the beautiful Mazda 6 wagon that we're not getting and now this. Would somebody explain to me why most Americans prefer to drive boxy SUV's over something like this, that is clearly as practical, has better handling and certainly better looking than most SUV's. I just don't get it!

  4. Americans don't like hatchbacks SO much that they pay a $10k premium for a hatchback A6 (in the form of an A7.) And can't keep them in stock.

    Americans hate hatchbacks SO much that Aston Martin must be forced to essentially give theirs away for a paltry $230,000, with no discounts.

    Let's be real people, build a frumpy mommy mobile hatchback, and it will gather dust. Build a beautiful functional car, and there'll be a line out the door. The Fusion is gorgeous.

  5. After many years on American car-forums I've come to the following conclusion:

    1) Americans want the European Fords/Opels etc.

    2) They want them because of the premium quality that comes as standard in Europe

    3) They don't want to pay for it. It has to be at least as cheap as a used Yougo.

    4) If it doesn't have at least a 3.2 L V6 "when" it comes to the US, then don't bother.

  6. I drove hatches until I could get an Accord Wagon, now a V70. The squared off Modeo wagon looks like a winner to me. Alas.

  7. I could care less about a "panoramic roof option", but I am really annoyed that we're not getting this wagon. It's a beautiful car, and there is almost nothing like it, outside of a much more expensive MB e-class wagon. It reminds me of photos I saw of the UK Honda Accord wagon, which was much prettier (and more practical) than the sedan or coupe offered in the US.

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