2013 Honda Accord PHEV

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And now, one of the most horrible looking front end I have ever seen.
Who at Honda thought adding a horrible, cheap and vulgar looking front end to their boring sedan would work.

The PHEV is probably the most modern technology Honda has ever come up with.
And it should be in a modern looking car.

But like the Prius Hybrid, it can only do 10 to 15 miles of pure electric driving, while probably costing thousands more.
Which I really don’t think is worth it. At all.

And no car should ever look like this….

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  1. I do not mind the front. It will grow on you over time. It is the wheels that make me feel like puking.

  2. "Who at Honda thought adding a horrible, cheap and vulgar looking front end to their boring sedan would work."

    Who thought crossing an alien with a bumblebee moth was a good idea for Hyundais front end. Yet they sell and people seem to like them.

    Thats a lot of love for Honda in 3 consecutive posts. What did Honda not honor their warranty on a previously owned car of yours?

    Why don't you put your bias aside and focus on these cars really have to offer.

  3. I actually like this design. It looks more 'normal' than the Sonata Hybrid, which I think has the ugliest front end design ever. The problem with the picture is that the bland beige paint color doesn't match the aggressively sporty fascia. Imagine the car in black or red, even white. Anything but beige!

    About the 10-15 miles of pure electric miles of driving: For people like me that live near downtown, work, the market, etc, we can easily drive less than 10 miles in a day. It's really only on weekends when I ever drive more than 10 miles in a day. In the long run, we will spend much less on gasoline with a PHEV for transportation.

  4. Guess what? i agree with you Vince! One of the few times I guess. The front grill and front fascia has some really unique design ideas that are both good and bad. Lets start with the grill. The worst part is the two blue streaks. They look like blue reflectors to me and not lights. Nonetheless they stand out and it doesnt help the design at all. The grill it self reminds me of the Camry Le grill and its wouldnt be too bad if they had taken all that chrome out of there. the front fascia has the wrap around bumper that encases the fog lights and to me thats a really nice touch. Same wrap around bumper in the rear fascia. Good design cues bt the Honda team on that one. The wheels IMO look pretty good from these pictures but wait until you see them close up. Theyre hideous. But these wheels are used to increase the MPG as much as possible. Interior once again is best in class, no doubt about it.

  5. how much of the whole open front end design is due to the offset front end crash testing? is there really no appealing way to meet this crash test method?

  6. I think front is is ok. But I don't think it can compete with Fusion Energi:

    Accord PHEV – Fusion:
    10-15 mi <> 20-22 mi
    fixed rear seats <> pass through

    Also combined mpg should be about 10% higher with Fusion. Question is price…

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    …not a photoshop?
    …whats with the blue blemish on the grill? And the tumor-like bulbous H on the grill?
    The 328i meets the new crash tests–and it looks GREAT!
    I don't believe this is how it would really look. This is ridiculous.

  8. I think that Honda is a lost cause. I used to love the functional teutonic design of Hondas. Now they are a hodge podge of incoherent lines, materials and conspicuous corner-cutting. It's amateurish. Pull it together dammit, or goodbye Honda.

  9. Look, they had three different grille designs they liked and decided to use them all. What's the problem…

  10. Looks like they made WAY too many Crosstour grilles and needed to slap them onto something that might actually sell!

  11. ……….haven't the flogged honda designers after their aztek imitations including this, cross tour, all acura front ends, crv back end, civic and fridge line……

  12. "Dont get me started eith the camry LE grille, Honda has been using the mustache since 2002."

    First I think You mean 2003

    you have to admit, its pretty similar

    It looks more similar than the 2003 accord's grill

    And the reason is bc the current Accord and 2012 Camrys grill extends through the bottom of the stache

    disclaimer: I dont think the 2013 Accord designers stole any designs from the genesis, sonata, camry, or any other cars. This design works well as a whole and flows well and its just a mere coincidence that they can look similar in certain angles.

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