2014 Mini Paceman

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Looking like the concept we saw last year, it is basically a 2 door version of the Countryman.
Except for the grille, I really like it.
It is a bit bigger and taller than the regular Mini. Which might be a good idea.

I like the 4 door, but this is sportier and more modern looking.

Good job.

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  1. Completely Pointless and Hideous.

    Just as BMW is quickly losing focus on its bread & butter 'sport sedans', BMW's Mini (brand) is going in directions that do nothing but dilute the Mini heritage i.e. small, lightweight, fun-to-drive, FWD sub-compacts.

    This thing looks like a bulky bloated blob – At Best!

  2. Agreed with Dav.. at least the other Mini variants are still more or less pure of line and lacking unnecessary bulges and shapes.. this is Mini's first attempt at cluttering up the styling with uselessly bulbous taillights, a weird bulge over the rear wheels and a truly mismatched roofline. Hopefully this will flop quickly so I don't have to look at them on the road! I would rather see the Mini front end grafted on to that new BMW concept than this hideous abortion.

  3. Yes, the Mini is doing what most models do – they grow out of their size class. What the manufacturer calls al improvement is really just moving into another size class. Then they need new model in the size class they just improved the old model out of. ☺
    The class Mercedes is vacating here is the light sporty sub-compact class.
    Also while they have been bloating the Mini, the engine has been left behind. The car is now way underpowered. 1600cc is too small for the new compact class the bloated Mini now lives in. The competition is this class all have 2L engines are better.
    The Mini has grown into a bloated slug.

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