All new 2 door VW Golf

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All the official pics seem to be of the 4 door model.
Found these on the German site.
It seems both versions will be available at launch. At least in Europe.

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  1. Oh Look… It's the same 20+ year old VW Golf design with a new(ish) front and rear – How Innovative!

    Anyway… Looks like any other hatch, just a bit more boring.

  2. Good clean design. Best look since the origional VWGolf/VWRabbit/ChryslerHorizon/DodgeOmni/Talbot/Simca when it was first done in the 1980's. Still though, the nut hasn't fallen far from the tree in all those decades. Wonder what kind of a hatch Chrysler will spin off of the Dart/Alfa platform in the future.

  3. Not feeling the tree door as much as the clean and classy 5 door. Think its the new squared off notch in the rear window/c-pillar. Reminds me of the Scion tC notch. Not good.

  4. Exactly what 6-speed said.. the angular notch in the C-pillar window is supposed to remind me of the original Golf/Rabbit, but the awkwardly squared-off shape instead reminds me of the Dodge Omni, Toyota Starlet, Hyundai Excel and other crappy '70s/'80s subcompacts.

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