All new 7th generation VW Golf

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Finally, after years of spy shots and illustrations. The real thing is here.
And no big surprises here since everyone has been working so long on guessing what it would look like.

The final product is 100% Golf. Which actually works for me. A classic look that won’t scare anyone away.
This is VW’s most important car and they will never take a chance with its redesign.

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  1. Looking great! Love how they just make them look better with each generation, yet pay respect to their past. They simply Evolve the car. The Japanese manufacturers need to learn from this. Honda tried with the design of the latest civic with a big FAIL.

  2. Another super boring design. Just not seeing what's so classy. Reminds me of Renault hatchbacks decade ago.

    Maybe because there are not many Golfs in US people are not yet bored by it.

    I think the older Mazda 3 hatchback looks more modern than this though

  3. Its classy in the sense that it doesn't look stupid. Most of you have such vulgar and infantile tastes.

    The interior looks almost perfect.

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