All new Mazda 6 wagon

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There is something that would be nice to have here.
A good looking, affordable mid sized wagon.
There seem to be nothing like that offered in the US anymore
The only thing close is the smaller VW Jetta wagon. Quite an old design.

We’ll see if Mazda really wants to show some guts and bring this one to the US.

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  1. Mazda, please offer this wagon in the US along with option AWD as an option. Why would I buy an Outback, XC70 or even an Allroad if I could get this!

  2. Reminds me of a Volvo V60…or something Alfa would offer. Very sleek. Would love t see a turbo variant.

  3. 100% correct about the TSX. I forgot about it (Like most people I guess…)
    I would think the Mazda would be cheaper though. Which would really be nice.

  4. For once, this could actually be a possibility for the US.. only because the similarly sized CX-7 has been dropped, and because it now shares the same body panels and platform as the new sedan (the previous sedan was US built on a longer wheelbase platform than the Japan-built hatch and wagon). I DARE Mazda to bring it here.. and I'll gladly trade my Mazda5 in for it!

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