BMW Concept Active Tourer

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While this “Concept” is a plug-in Hybrid, we will see this in production very soon with regular engines.
Not sure what they could call it, as it is about 1 inch shorter than the redesigned 1 series hatchback.
And, unlike all other BMW models, it is front wheel drive. Which will sound like blasphemy for the BMW purists.

It seems much more attractive than the recently introduced redesigned B Class from Mercedes.

We’ll see if it ever ends up here or not… (We still don’t get the 1 series hatch…)

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  1. I wouldn't call it attractive. It looks like someone photoshopped an awkward BMW grille and some tacky rims on a current B Class.

    I guess the mechanicals are borrowed from the Countryman (without the lift kit).

  2. @Les,

    Mmmm, no. It doesn't look very much like a B-class at all. Very BMW like and pretty attractive in my opinion. If they can put in a small turbo four for the engine and the 8 speed auto, they might have a nice little earner on their hands. If they can keep it under $28K it will sell pretty well. Of course, since it's a BMW, it will start at $28K as a stripped model and will need to be optioned to $40K.

  3. It's 'OK', but it's becoming quite clear that BMW is losing focus of what it has (in the past) done best – Sport Sedans.

    Little FWD commuter vehicles like this should be left to their Mini branch.

  4. Having a fundamental approach to how a car ought to be designed and threading that methodology throughout the lineup, is critical to successful branding. It's something that most brands would love to be able to identify and tout. Being able to say "a truly balanced vehicle is FWD or AWD" is BMW's foundation, and it tells everyone that the beauty of BMW is more than just skin deep. Now it's clear that BMW is just selling whatever they can to the dumb masses. This is no better than a Pontiac Grand Am or the Lexus ES/Camry.

  5. If I were willing to "settle" for a turd, I would have bought a Lexus or Acura. But I don't settle. I bought the Ultimate Driving Machine. …and this, isn't it!

  6. I'm assuming this will be the 1-series GT.. since BMW has already said the next 1-series hatchbacks will also be FWD. So I guess this Active vehicle will be BMW's answer to the B-class, and the next 1-series will be similar to the new A-class.

    Supposedly the replacement for the current 1-series coupe and convertible will be renamed 2-series vehicles, and I assume in order to fit the rumored 4-door RWD 1-series sedan into this naming convention, it will become the 2-series Gran Coupe.

    What a mess BMW has gotten itself into.

  7. Although I like my E90, when it came time for my wife to pick a new car, BMW didn't have anything she wanted. Her choice? Audi A3 TDI. Okay, I know it's a gussied up Golf, but what does BMW or Mini sell in our market that competes? They won't bring over the 1 series hatch with Efficient Dynamics diesel and not everyone wants a crossover. Japanese cars are getting more shiny baubles all over them, even if they do last forever. American cars? Better, but still not there yet. I hope this one doesn't get the VW-electrics gremlins…

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