Jaguar F-Type

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1st official picture of the all new Jaguar.
And it looks great.

Competing with the Z4, SLK, Boxster crowd.

I cannot wait to see this car in person.

More, much more coming up very soon.

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  1. Been seeing quite a few of these driving around the Las Vegas area… Quite nice looking with a very throaty/aggressive exhaust note.

    Let's hope they don't price it too ridiculously.

  2. I hope that this isn't it. It's just a very predictable and unoriginal design. That front end is an unsophisticated ricer mess. Maybe I'll get excited when I see it in person.

  3. There was a way to update Jaguars previous design Pre-tata, while keeping its older sexy styling. This absolutely isn't it. This car is going up against the boxster, the Slk and the Z4 which all have life and are all identifiable to they're mark. The sides are boring and lifeless, the front end, though not bad, is far from identifiable. All and all it's ok. Could have been amazing

  4. the front headlights look like a viper and the overall profile reminds me of the old maserati spyder

    if it weren't for the blowup doll grille and what will probably be a duck tail, wouldn't pin it as a jag

  5. I think that we all can agree that Jaguar needed to do something to become more relevant. I don't find the current direction that Jag is going to be very appealing. (Garish purple glovebox lining in the XJ… really???) The front of these F-Types look like feeble, bendy plastic, with juvenile vents and a grille that is not distinctive. These newest designs lack sophistication and aren't stately, like British cars should be. Whatever has happened to Jaguar in the last couple years isn't good.

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