More pictures of the all new VW Golf

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Sure, nothing original.
Bust still, I think I like it. It might also be one of these cars that does look really good and solid in real life.

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  1. As usual… With VW , 'All New' means the same old tired design/profile + VW's front/rear design-theme of the month grafted on.

  2. With exception of the Mk1 and the MkIV, the golf has always been a substantial hatchback that feels bank vault solid. Definitely for those who aren't necessarily looking for the cheapest option. Glad to see they didn't chintz-out on the interior like they are doing with some of their other cars.

  3. It looks really good actually; for what it is. A small front drive hatchback. Maybe not as nice as the Focus but will have a more quality feel than the Focus.

    With the 2.0L diesel, we may even see 50mpg on the highway without complicated hybrid tech.

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