Panoramic roof option for the 2013 Euro Ford Mondeo

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But apparently, not available in the US 2013 Fusion.

Obviously giving a chance to the new Lincoln MKZ to showcase its own articulated giant glass roof.
Which is the main difference between the 2 cars.

Still. Too bad…

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  1. I wouldn't say that it's the only difference. The exterior styling, for the first time, really is very distinctive between the two, and I was pleasantly surprised how much much more striking the Lincoln is in person than online.

  2. Vince…any notion as to when we'll start seeing reviews / driving impressions and these starting to show on lots?!

  3. Saw a new red Fusion at my work with a manufacturer plate….really nice looking….much classier than the new Camry!

  4. What?

    There are little-to-no stylistic similarities between the the 2012 Modeo/Fusion and Lincoln MKZ, and as platform sharing goes, FoMoCo has done a masterful job of giving each vehicle very distinct identities.

  5. The MKZ has its own design so I don't think that's necessary to differentiate this way:-(.

    I still hope Ford will offer it later on. Perhaps at next refresh.

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