Porsche Panamera Wagon Concept

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A concept, so far.
Rumors of a wagon version of the 4 door Panamera have been around for a while.
And it does work. Looking better than the 4 door version.
The interior is obviously concept futuristic. Or is it?
Could the new front and interior end up in the revised version of the Panamera due out next year?

At least, this looks really good.

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  1. Yes looks more normal than Panamera until you realize it's a Porsche…

    Other than front end what's really recognizable as a Porsche?

  2. Far more appealing – and probably functional – than the four door. This is what the Panamera should have been in the first place. Well done!

  3. It absolutely looks like a "Low Rider Cayenne" hopefully this means that the new Panamera is more of a conventional looking vehicle. The new car will probably adopt some of the show cars interior, I do like the current, though the current has way too many buttons on dash.
    The exterior of the current car, though might be unrecognizable as compared to the 911, does draw more from Porsches prior flagship the 928. When you put that into perspective, with the addition of the current 911's tail lights, the vehicle is unmistakingly a Porsche.

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