2014 Acura NSX

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These patent illustrations do look like the production version of the NSX Concept we saw a while ago.
If these are the real thing, it looks like the NSX didn’t lose much from the concept.

Good to see an exciting sports car back at Acura. After years of lumpy SUVs and hyper boring sedans…

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  1. This is taking far too long to make it to production… Already starting to look dated/stale.

    It'd better be exceptional when it finally does see showrooms.

  2. Pretty much any wedge shaped car will appeal to the majority of people. But the design of this car actually isn't very good, especially when compared to real exotics. The nose is awful, and shield looks cheap and plasticky on every vehicle on which it's used. The general design of this could have been done by a child.

    The original NSX was decent looking. It was definitely the best Acura that no one bought. Considering that it wasn't really a success, and that's putting it nicely, Honda should think about whether there is really any demand for another one.

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