2014 Mazda 3

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What a good looking car.
Of course, looking like a shrunk version of the new 6 sedan. And that is just fine.

It does look like a cross between the current one and the new 6. Which are both good looking cars.
Let’s hope the interior is not inspired by the new 6 or CX5 though.
As these are much worse than the current 3….

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  1. This, if true, may be the single most gorgeous example of a design evolution ever!

    It Mazda 3 has always been a handsomely distinctive design, but this is just Stunning!

  2. Sexy for a small car! Let's hope it has better rear seat room and is quieter than the otherwise excellent current model.

  3. I'm not a fan of Mazda's new front end design. I really hate the nose. Everything from the A-pillar back looks great though. Very Italian.

  4. This is beautiful.
    The hatch looks like an Infiniti. The sedan's rear profile looks like a luxury car's interpretation of a Hyundai Elantra (but I mean that in a good way). Also, I love the new Mazda front end. It's MUCH better than the awful smiley face grill. Let's hope this car has roomer back seat and a more useful trunk.

  5. Looking at the side pics (sedan and hatch), one at least has been Photoshopped. My guess is that the sedan's a shopped version of the hatch pic.

    If the hatch pics turn out to be genuine, my bet is that this is a show car that's 99% true to the production model.

    The front end design won't be quite that radical (eg the sharp edges to the grille). And a rear wiper might come in handy…

  6. Not to my eyes. Hopefully it looks better in person but this redesign has evolved from sporty to girly.

  7. This is pretty damn impressive.

    So Mazda now has the best looking compact crossover (CX-5), the best looking midsizer (Mazda 6), and soon to be the best looking C segment vehicle on the market.

    They are on a freaking roll.

  8. "So Mazda now has the best looking compact crossover (CX-5), the best looking midsizer (Mazda 6), and soon to be the best looking C "

    Ignorign that the Kia Sportage, Optima and cee'd earned design awards.

  9. I love this and the current Mazda Kodo design. However I do wish theyd learn to make better, more attractive interiors instead of the spartan death chamber look they're pushing lately. And the 3 wagon could be a little bigger and see a big bump in sales. Its made for midgets.

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