Chevrolet Spark’s app

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This is a really clever feature. Easily explained in the commercial.

And something that just a few years ago would have been described as Science Fiction.

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  1. Bet you this gets hacked. Soon every teenager will be able to break into the car.

    My 11 year old car doesn't let me lock the car with the keys inside (unless someone is inside with the keys).

    I didn't realize GM still made cars that you can lock yourself out of. I also didn't realize that they still listed power door locks as an option. It's going to be one of those "old GM" things where they bait you with a low price, but quote you thousands more if you want anything that's standard on even the cheapest Kia. "If you want FM, you need to move up to the deluxe super luxury edition Chevette for an extra $1500. The rear wiper only comes on the Chevette Brougham Donald Trump edition for $2500 extra. That one also has hubcaps"

  2. I am sure this only comes with Onstar monthly service isn't that like $25-$30? Sounds great on paper but AAA membership would be cheaper even if not as fast as a smartphone to unlock your car.

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