2013 Buick Enclave

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Looks mostly like details outside. Like the new front and rear, and a black C pillar.

Inside it’s new but similar. It does look more upscale and better finished than before. But still ttoo shiny for my taste.

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  1. The body color C-pillar always made the Enclave appear stubby to me. The 2013 profile looks far more sleek.

  2. Looks allot better. That c pillar was a great improvement. Never understood why it was body colored. Just looked like someone wasn't doing their job

  3. Love the design. But the plastic wood and the plastic chrome is just too much fakeness. And it is way too garish and shiny and reflective. Matte finish chrome looks a thousand times more upscale. And real wood may only cost the general $10 extra, but the perceived value is much greater. The overall impression is still that it's a cheap alternative to something german.

  4. The 3/4 rear shot looks just like a first-gen Toyota Sienna. The fact that Buick picked a Camry-beige van for their publicity stills doesn't help, of course.

  5. Wood on dash was better last year; but wood on doors is better on the 2013. All in all, it was the best in it's class before–and now it still is. I wished they'ld raised the bar a little, but since nobody else rose it–I guess this is all that is warranted. The shiney-ness of the wood makes it look as food as–if not better than–the Mercedes E & S class's wood. Personally I have a Chrysler with fake wood and a BMW with real wood. I'll take a light gloss fake wood over a dark real wood any day!

  6. What's the point of this again? Apparently HIDS and fancy glowstick LEDS commands a $7,000 premium.

    – FusioptimaSX

  7. They've made it even more egg-like and uglier. "Let's add more fake wood!" says the brass at GM.

    I don't get GM at all, I have NEVER liked their vehicles except for the Corvette.

  8. Fake wood and fake chrome equals conspicuous corner cutting. It takes a real craftsman to work with wood and metal. It takes a chinese parts supplier to provide the same thing in fake plastic. Imagine the quality of materials used in places you don't see.

  9. My sister bought one and though it is nice, I wouldn't call it a luxury vehicle. Personally, I have been disappointed in the new GM vehicles….they all look dated.

  10. This is faux luxury for soccer moms who want to appear wealthy.

    You aren't fooling anyone.

    I have no idea why you'd ever buy this over an Explorer for less money with more equipment. Or, if you really wanted something nice, get an off-lease, CPO ML, X5, Q7, MDX, etc.

  11. I have no idea why you'd ever buy this over an Explorer

    –that is because you haven't DRIVEN them both. The Buick is quieter & better riding. Which becomes overwhelmingly obvious if you've ever been in one for 5-6 hours straight — and then done the same in the other one.

  12. Fake wood and fake chrome equals conspicuous corner cutting. It takes a real craftsman to work with wood and metal.

    I'll give you a camera and a chunk of grey plastic. Then I'll take a chunk of oak and some woodworking tools. I'll bet I can make a glossy wood grain cheaper, easier, & faster with a $7 stick of oak than you can with a $4 stick of plastic! (If you can't SEE the difference–it's ALL in the mind!)

    I still laugh when I think about a Moter Trend (or C&D?) article years ago that ridiculed the "cheap" plastic wood of the Cadillac 60 series–it was actually the first time in many years GM decided to use REAL wood on the dash!! lol!!!)

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