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The Forester has never been a good looking car. It was always boring and anonymous.
It seems that Subaru will be changing that with the next generation.
Which seems to take a turn for the worse into “unglyland”.

It really reminds me of a cross between an old Russian car and a current Chinese model.
There is really no excuse for the horrific 80’s front end.

Good luck to Subaru with that one….

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  1. Ghastly.. Just ghastly.. Not as busted as the UnImpreza, but shite nonetheless. Subaru needs to hire a Euro-douche designer and git widdit.

  2. Vince, Maybe, just maybe you will chance you view when you see much better pics or see it in person. Those pics does not do justice to the new Forester. With new CVT and symmetrical AWD they'll get good MPG that will be hard to beat…especially in CA…

  3. Subaru's consistent dorky design across their vehicles must be deliberate. For years they have produced above average reliable vehicles with far below average design….such a shame. They seem clueless….as does a lot of Japanese design these days.

  4. This isn't impressive in the least.

    This honestly looks like a heavy MMC rather than a FMC. That front end isn't doing anything for me at all.

  5. I so wish Subaru would get some better industrial design.. They don't need to alter their mission- Look at the Range Rover Evoque.. Hugely compromised function for the sake of looking unique. I can imagine Subaru adopting a spin on Bauhaus- (Not unlike VWs before that Spaniard took over their styling). Please Subaru.. We need you to stick around. Get yourself a more effective design team.

  6. Anonymous said:
    "For years they have produced above average reliable vehicles with far below average design"

    My theory. Subaru is a small company and can either spend their money on great engineering and mediocre design or on great design and mediocre engineering. Subaru have chosen the former. It makes financial sense since you don't have to do a recall on design, but you might have to recall bad engineering.

  7. "…a cross between an old Russian car and a current Chinese model."

    You nailed it perfectly. This is a very unattractive vehicle.

  8. I hate to disagree.. but it seems that Subaru is intent on looking a certain way, and this blocky thing seems to have nailed it perfectly. It definitely reminds me of the tall, boxy first Forester, which then morphed into a longer, lower, rounder CUV that was then completely eclipsed when the Outback wagon ballooned to crossover status. And now that the XV Crosstrek is available, there is no need for Forester to be even remotely sleek. I would never call it attractive, but I can now see why someone would choose it over the much larger, cumbersome Outback.. and I'd guess the mileage has improved greatly.

  9. I hate to disagree Mr. I hate to disagree, but it doesn't take a Phi Beta Kappa to spot amateur design. I think they're just clueless. Their entire lineup is ham-fisted, clumsy.. just a mess.

  10. Some more shots here:

    Even the SVX or (dare I say) the Impreza look much better! So far from the glory days of the mid to late 90s.

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