Nissan Juke 6MT test drive.

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 I drove the Juke last year, and really liked it.
But at the time, the only one available was a CVT with AWD.
Which, to me, isn’t the most interesting combo. As I have no use whatsoever for AWD or 4WD.

And I remember complaining about the obvious and quite annoying Turbo lag.
I was wondering if things were better with the manual.
So Nissan was nice enough to let me drive one for a week.

 I got re acquainted with the little Juke, and remember why I liked it a lot in the 1st place.
Although the design isn’t for everyone, it is very original and does stand out.

It is really roomy for its size. Everything feels very solid and well made.
The ride can be quite rough at times, but it feels the sporty style.
Steering isn’t too light although it could be a bit firmer. But it is always precise.
The interior design is always interesting and full of original touches.

And the Rockford Fosgate system in my SL model sounded fantastic!

Now, about that 6 speed manual…

It does improve things a lot.
There is still a bit of lag, but it does feel more progressive, smoother than with the automatic.
In other words, it’s just fine.

The transmission itself isn’t the very best. It feels a little.. “cheap” . Something hard to explain. But again, it’s just fine.
After all, my test car was a loaded SL model which included leather, sunroof, navigation and an amazing stereo system. It drives great and has a smooth and powerful 188hp engine. And it retails for $24000.
Even though it is small, it is a lot of car for the money.
A sporty, roomy ride that stands out in a crowd at a good price.

A winner in my book.

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  1. I am a huge Juke fan. A rally car for the everyday driver. It can scare away the commoner sheep , but its a winner in my books. Lovely.

  2. The Juke is hideous, and it sales prove that others think it is hideous as well.

    Its real world gas mileage is also incredibly poor.

  3. This car almost was really cool. The whole dune buggy thing just wasn't done quite right and now it just looks strange.

  4. Who is the intelligent person putting together juke and joke. Very sharp. Grow up. It's a real nice car.

  5. I have a Juke, it is no joke, it's a dream to drive. Great on gas, handles very very well, spacious enough. Reliable. I have 24,000 km on it (Canada). I traded in a civic coupe, Nussan builds the better car. Period!

  6. @ October 9, 2012 1:50 PM

    Yeah, because every single statistically reliable research resource indicates the same thing.

    JD Power, Consumer Reports, TrueDelta, all say that Nissan is more reliable and makes a better car.


    No, they don't build a better vehicle than Honda. Honda has been rated THE most reliable manufacturer for years now.

    Juke owners are a touchy bunch. Your vehicle has been a sales disaster, and probably won't make it for a second round in the US when it comes time for the FMC.

  7. Nissan is building some very nice, high quality cars, new Altima, Juke, New Sentra coming as well as an all new Pathfinder ( 30%) better fuel economy, I just had a customer come in to tell me they were getting 62 MPG hwy ( Canada) with a 4 cyl 2013 Altima on hwy, driving speed limit. What? So, yes I sell them, proudly, they are a very high customer satisfaction vehicle. I worked at hyundai and it was very different. Just heard BTW that Toyota recalled another 7 million or so vehciles….ouch!

  8. Haha luv that idiot about the Honda comment. Haha Hondas are well made haha. Honda just bought an Altima, yes Honda motor corp, because they cannot figure out why their all new accord doesn't do as we'll as the all new Altima in fuel economy. Google it skeptics. I can tell them why, Nissan builds a better car. Period…..

  9. @ October 10, 2012 7:28 PM

    Every. Single. Manufacturer. buys the competitors vehicle to research and do cross sections. If you don't think that Nissan hasn't done the same with the Camry, Accord, Fusion, etc, then you are kidding yourself. Another fool who has no idea what goes on in R&D departments.

    The new Accord has beat the new Altima in two comparison tests to date. Yeah, Nissan builds a better car alright….

    You sound like a child, stay in school kid. When you can speak like an adult, then you can converse with the adults. Until you can, stay at the kiddie table.

  10. I have never owned a nissan or honda, but, historically honda has been superior to almost everyone, that is a fact. Going forward almost all cars have improved greatly, including the once mid quality nissan. As for honda buying a nissan, probably true, as ALL manufacturers buy their competitors cars and analyze them, also a fact.

  11. honda bought an Altima and the sole reason was to try to disprove Nissan Mileage claims. They could not because in fact Honda's tests showed Nissan Claims to be accurate. Everyone knows the cross buyong of cars, but this one stands out, my weak, feeble minded friend because Nissan Altima is soooo great on Fuel, Honda could not even believe it. That in itself is a strong endorsement you might say from Honda, That in fact Nissan wins again! Enjoy, and stay calm . We win, you lose. It's that simple Lol

  12. Nissan has a stronger quality history than all Japanese brands. Toyota not only recalled another 7.4 million or so vehicles that other day , but rumours are circling now that there may be evidence that Toyota, as in the last recall fiasco- KNEW of the problem way back. hmmmmmm, i go with Nissan. BTW , i understand the honda people getting all up in arms, when I first saw the new Accord, I laughed hysterically and said NEW? Really? It looks just aweful. So i empathize with your angst over ugly hondas, i really do, they are terrible looking beasts.

  13. Nissan salespeople detected.

    As soon as someone can post some facts that Nissan is stronger than Toyota or Nissan, the fact remains that they trail both Honda and Toyota.

    I don't like any Japanese vehicles, I drive a BMW, but I can't stand people who have no idea what they are talking about.

  14. Don't worry BMW driver. Take it easy relax and chill. Why u hatin? Everyone in a bimmer wishes they could afford a Maserati like I drive. Haha. What do u think we think of u?

  15. BMW. Are you referring to the same BMW that has more problems per thousand than Korean cars. Oh my, someone proud to have a bummer, I mean Bimmer , wow. Hard to believe. Nissan is better by far than Toyota, but they are All, and I mean all better than BMW. Even lowly Honda is Hahaha….BMW, really? Lol

  16. @ October 12, 2012 6:47 PM

    2008 M5 with just over 62,000 miles.

    Only thing that has failed on my car has been the drivers side window regulator, and that was replaced under warranty.

    @ Vince Burlapp

    Are you seriously allowing the same person to try to post as a different person three times in a row? I've used Blogger before, and all of the posts have time stamps.

    Come on, Vince.

  17. I am a huge nissan fan. It's amazing how much hostility people have here wow! Anyway, I own 2 Nissans Currently > i love them.

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