Opel Cascada

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Not really the Astra Convertible we all expected. More like a cross between the Astra and the Insignia.
Which means, it would fit perfectly as an all new Buick model between the Verano and the Regal.

And would finally give GM a car to compete with the Chrysler 200 (Born Sebring).

Let’s hope they see the light and bring this one over here, sooner than later….

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  1. Hard to tell; but the back seat looks a little small–which is a problem with EVERY convertable right now EXCEPT the Chrysler 200. If it has the same rear legroom as E350, Mustang, 335i, A5, etc–Europe can keep it! Convertables with an unusably small rear seat are a dime a dozen! (Probably why the Chrysler outsells them all — and by a wide margin!)

  2. If this wasn't already on the books for North America, then GM need their heads examined! Bring it in spring of 2013 with the 2.0L Turbo and the ONLY styling change being swapping Opel badges for Buick ones, and this car will be a winner. Oh, and call it Skyhawk or something other than Cascada…

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