2013 Honda Civic. (They do listen)

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 The sedan gets the most of the reworking. Front and rear are obviously new.
Making the compact sedan look a bit more upscale, and closer to the new Accord.
Not sure it is that much better, but it’s different.

 On the other hand, the coupe seems pretty much the same outside. It looked better than the sedan in the 1st place, so why not.
It also has much less competition in the market place. There isn’t many compact coupes available anymore these days, except this and the Elantra Coupe.

The interior seems much better than before. You can tell the shape of the dashboard is the same, but the parts are mostly new. (The 2012 bellow)
And what a difference. They finally got rid of the 80’s brown/beige combo for a more upscale black/dan choice.
And the whole thing looks 100 times nicer. 

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  1. Vince – Are you sure the images of the coupe are the 2013 model? Honda isn't talking about it yet and it hasn't been announced anywhere.

  2. Interesting that the shape of the new sedan grille is very reminiscent of the coupe, and the new Accord.. why do I think Honda had this up their sleeve all along? Maybe the plan was to see how much they could get away with (styling similarity to previous model, cheaper materials) and still retain their sales leadership.. but kept these styling changes in their back pocket in case there was sales erosion or customer outcry. I also think they wanted to debut the under-grille chrome styling cue on the Accord before bringing it to Civic.

  3. This still looks terrible.

    Who would take this over the Mazda 3 with SkyActiv, or an Elantra, or the gorgeous Forte below, even the Focus walks all over the MMC'ed Civic.

    Honda, what in the hell has happened to you???

  4. So now Honda adds a new grille and tail lights and a modified dash and we're supposed to believe it's a much better car now?? Give me a break!

  5. New Sentra is way nicer than this. The Sentra is probably the main reason this came out, as well as poor civic sales. No, I don't sell Nissans, but I am a very big NISSFAN

  6. Yes, these are the official pics of the 2013 Coupe.
    But I see what you mean, most of the pix given to the press are the same as for the 2012. Except they changed the wheels on them.
    So it looks like the coupe is only getting new wheels for 2013. As well as the revised interior.

  7. Don't like these akward tail lights on the latest Camry and don't like them any better on the 4-dr civic. …oh Honda…..

  8. I think the dashboard of a Peterbilt tractor has more appeal. It looks as if they let former Aiwa boom-box designers have their way with this travesty of an interior. Remember the '88 Civic Interior? It was sleek, visionary, modern. I think Honda seriously needs to revisit its roots.

  9. I've noticed automakers are doing the tan interiors with black carpets. Also, a lot more black where there would have been tan in the past; seat base, door pillars. Looks like what it is…cost cutting.

  10. It's absolutely an improvement. I'm usually a 2 door fan but with the accord and now the civic, the 4 door is the better looking car.
    As far as changing grills and having it up their sleeves, they absolutely did. All car companies do. It's a way to make minor changes over a few year period to keep up with other auto makers

  11. The styling is far less "infantile twit" and actually moves toward "thinking adult" style. The interior has some,,,ummm,,,,dare I even say?,,,Elegance.

  12. " Anonymous said…
    New Sentra is way nicer than this. The Sentra is probably the main reason this came out, as well as poor civic sales. No, I don't sell Nissans, but I am a very big NISSFAN

    November 30, 2012 7:10 AM"

    LOL, there's the Nissan salesman again.

    1. The Civic MMC was in motion WAYYYY before the Sentra was even revealed. You need to look at the timeline, kid.

    2. Poor sales? Even though the 9th gen Civic was a disaster, it still set the sales charts on fire. It is one of the top selling compacts in its class. The Sentra never has been.

    Why don't you do some research, kid?

  13. Saw the new Civic at the LA Auto Show and it still looks horrid. The fake dash stitching is particularly ghastly. Honda just doesn't get it anymore.

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