2014 Hyundai Genesis

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Looks like the big Genesis sedan is due for an all new design in a little bit over a year.
The current model has done pretty well for Hyundai so far.
This already looks much more modern.

V6 and V8 should return. And there are “crazy” rumors about a 10 speed Automatic transmission.

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  1. Looking Pretty Great… Who'd have thought that Korean cars would be leading the way (design-wise) so soon.

    This will undoubtedly make the (hideous) Merc E-Class, (bloated) BMW 5-Series and (boring) Audi A6 look even more tired/dated than they already do, all while offering so much more car for the money.

  2. To be accurate, there is only one engine variation announced for the Genesis so far – 3.3L Twin-Turbo GDI which produces at least 395 hp. The 10-sp trans has been confirmed. The rumor is that 5.0L Twin-Turbo GDI powered RWD sports car which based on this Genesis platform is in plan for 2014.

  3. Looks pretty Jaguar-sleek and sporty.. but how will they distinguish it from the Azera? The styling looks very similar.

  4. I am expecting truly great things from Hyundai.

    One of my neighbors has a 2009 Genesis 4.6 and it has been trouble free for over 60,000 miles. His really makes me want one of my own.

  5. The world does not need transmissions that complicated, especially not automatics, which require replacing the whole thing if it breaks (These damn gearboxes cost the price of used whole cars that are probably only 5 years old. Why can't we consider ourselves satisfied at the 6-speed level (7 for manuals)?

    On the overall car: the Genesis should be more like the Sonata and less like every NissanHondaChevy (c) Joell Ortiz, that uses that same greenhouse.

  6. The side profile design has me a bit worried…it's a little too Passat+Azara+Sonata to me. The A-pillar forward tells a better story though…thank goodness!

  7. While not a fan of the current genesis, this cars overall lines look promising. Hopefully along the lines of the Azera

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