2014 Kia Codenza

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 The car I used to call the “Costanza” just received what they call a mid-cycle facelift.
Called the K7 in Korea, it came out in 2009 and has not made it to the US yet.
Which is kind of weird since they are considering selling the even larger K9/Quoris over here.

It is pretty much the Hyundai Azera’s cousin, and would slot above the Optima if sold here.

This is the current model. As you can see, the 2014 isn’t all new, but still quite an upgrade.
Adopting a similar front end to the larger K9 and the smaller new Forte.

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  1. HA, I guess we aren't getting this thing after all. The new look is better and less Sebring/200-like.


  2. Vince, you still got the name wrong.

    It's CADENZA …… not CODENZA.

    Somewhere there is an aspiring Mozart that takes offense at your mistake!

  3. Ignoring that the KND-5 arrived before the 200, but since Chrysler ain't Korean the 2008 Kia KND-5 copied the 2012 200.

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