2014 Kia Forte

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Another really good looking compact sedan.
Now the choice is getting harder and harder every year it seems.
These cars are pretty roomy too, and often replacing mid sized sedans in the mind of many buyers.
And with better mileage too.

You can choose between a 1.8 L or 2.0L. 148hp or 173hp.
Both pretty good numbers.

A manual transmission is only available with the base model with the 1.8 L engine.
Which means: good luck finding one.

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  1. Kia's design group (lead by Peter Schreyer) is doing truly fantastic work.

    This new Forte (Baby Optima) is easily the best looking vehicle in its segment.

  2. It looks okay. But all Hyundai and Kias have that "same jellybean, different size" design. It looks good because it's been done endlessly already.

  3. Jtz. Different size design? Ignoring that Nissan's new Sentra and Altima also have that different size design too. Ignoring that the Taurus, Fusion, Focus and Fiesta have it too but since Ford and Nissan ain't Korean only you'd notice Kia doing it while Honda can get away with it. I'm jtz I'll bring them alllll to the kitchen table.

  4. It is really important not to make a car look stupid. You can loose billions of dollars for just one stupid looking element on a car. Most companies are going back to elegant adult and timeless styling now.

  5. @ November 30, 2012 7:40 AM

    "Interior is from the 1970's"

    I hate stupid comments like this.

    I grew up in the 70's, there wasn't a single, and I mean NOT ONE interior that even slightly resembled this Forte back in the 70's.

    There should be an intelligence test before you can comment on this site.

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