2014 Maserati Quattroporte

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Looking really nice. If a bit more bland than the current generation.
And not really better. Another case of “why bother”. The current model still looks great andd very impressive in person.
This seems a little softer .

Still, a great and more stylish alternative to the boring looking offerings from Mercedes, Audi and BMW.

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  1. Disappointment

    Personally, I think it looks like a maybach with ford, excuse me…jaguar x-type seats. I know this is a high end car, but even Kia is building nicer looking sedans. I'm sure Nissan Juke lovers everywhere will love this sedan.

  2. It looks fantastic…. Taillights and spoiler are very similar to the impala, im sure you will get a lot of comments about that.. but I feel like it looks way better on this car…. that being said, it does not scream upscale like the rest of the car

  3. Not sure how I feel about this. The rear end is the only thing that looks really good. The rest is ok at best. Is that a BMW shifter??

  4. This is such a stupid model name and belongs to those people who are drooling over Italian words. Can you imagine, if we were driving cars like "Chrysler fourdoor?" Priceless!

  5. Looks far too 'lanky', ill-proportioned and bloated… Completely lacks any of the elegance/grace of the current version.

  6. I like it, particularly the front end. The current model's headlights never really integrated with the rest of the front styling. These are much better.

    The rest of it looks good, although perhaps not as distinctive as the current car. I suspect it will look better in the metal than in the pics, and as it looks quite handsome in the pics it should be fine.

    Nice interior too.

    No, I wouldn't kick it out of my garage.

  7. It is very hard to make a car look unique these days. Although there is nothing wrong with the design it could me mistaken for a number of other vehicles (infiniti for one) I doubt that is what they were going for.

  8. Not thrilled with the new look, but I understand why the QPorte had to grow.. considering its upcoming smaller stablemate is based on the huge Chrysler 300 platform. I will miss the distinctive greeenhouse and taillights of the previous model.. but anything is still better than the Biturbo-based QPortes Maserati was peddling in the 1990s!

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