2014 Toyota RAV4

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The current generation came out in 2005. So it’s about time for a new RAV4. Really.
Everything else in the segment has been redesigned, sometimes twice.

It looks just OK from these grainy pix. Nothing amazing, although I supposed it could have been worse…
We will know much more very soon. Including what engines will be available in the US.
So far the 2.5 Liter is a pretty sure bet. Not sure if the V6 will return or not. And the Camry Hybrid system is pretty much ready to go if they want to use it in the RAV4.

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  1. The exterior is okay, but the interior is atrocious.

    Why would anyone buy this over a Tucson, Escape, or a CR-V?

  2. "I see some GMC Terrain influence in that rear…."


    And the front looks like a cleft palate.

  3. For real?! CRV or CX5 over this any day. Exterior appears to have been inspired by the late Saturn Vue, of repressed memory. Interior by something out of the 80's.

  4. I might have been interested if it had a more manly steering wheel but no thanks. This must still be a woman only target demographic.

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