All new Toyota RAV4

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Just a few more things. Until the real one shows up in a few days.
Seems like they are making some effort to make it a bit more interesting.
Most of the competition is pretty good looking…

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  1. "The competition is pretty good looking".

    Yeah even that 2014 Forester that you Pooh-pooed doesn't look that bad and, powertrain-wise is pretty decent. I'll take the symmetrical AWD system from Subaru over these transverse mounted, half-assed AWD from Honda, Toyota and Hyundai any day.

  2. ummm Louis,

    The RAV4 has always had full time 4wd…..but with this new generation it will switch over to "half-assed" awd

  3. What up with taillights (or headlights) these days, why all of a sudden they have to stick-out so much? aerodynamics? I don't know.
    Will toyota switch to CVT like most or stick with gearbox?
    Plug-in hybrid would be nice option…

  4. Tail light looks like a chinese knock-off of a Cadillac tail light. For Toyota though, this is still a big step up.

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