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 The current generation Transit Connect has been quite a success in the US. Many companies using it as a small delivery van.
But Ford has never sold the more family oriented wagon version here, although it is popular in Europe.

They will with the new redesigned model.
It does look pretty big on these pictures. Much larger than the current Transit Connect. I just wonder if they are doing the same thing Scion did a few years ago. Making the redesigned model so much bigger it isn’t appealing anymore…
At least it looks super roomy inside. Even for 7!

Engines in the US will be the 2.5 Liter in the base model. With the 1.6 Liter Turbo as an option.
The current one uses an old 2.0 Liter.

Many manufacturers in Europe offer similar models. But none of them are available in the US.
Including VW, and Fiat.
Seems that Ford has been pretty smart so far in cornering the market in the US.

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  1. I hear there will be a longer-wheelbase model, perhaps that is what is pictured here. But the real reason it looks larger is because its not quite as tall as before.

  2. I love this van but hope Ford brings us the Ford Tourneo Custom version they showed off in Geneva. The front end on the one pictured looks a little weak and low rent.

  3. Vince, this is an extended version.

    They will still make the smaller one, which is pretty much the same size as the outgoing Transit Connect.

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