Infiniti QX Test Drive Part Two.

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 After about a week, I have grown to realize that the QX is not without charms.
Like most big cars. There’s a weird guilty pleasure feeing while driving one.

Even though the other part of your brains is constantly screaming “this is sick and irresponsible”.

 One thing it is is roomy. Every seat has plenty of room for adults.

 Even the “way back” bench is fine.

 It does have that “let’s drive for a long time” feel to it. You feel like going on a trip.
Unfortunately, I was only able to take it around town, on the freeway and to Malibu Canyon and PCH.
And it performed really well all the time.
Turning radius is really good for such a giant. The engine has more power than needed. ( An I almsot got used to the buzzing below 2000RPM)
The ride is pretty stiff actually. Not too good on rough roads.
Of course it is super quiet.

 Fit and finish is as good as it gets. Which it should be at this price.
For $75 000, it is loaded. With everything you can think about and more.
Although the Bose stereo only sounds really good when cranked up very high.
A problem I have seen (heard) before with Bose car systems.

At the end of the day, there are many other ways to carry 7 people in comfort these days.
And most of the get more than 11city and 19Hwy. Which is what I got.
Just a bit bellow the official numbers.
The most direct competition, in the US, would be the Lexus LX 570. Which starts at about $81 000.
But gets to above $87 000 loaded like the Infiniti.
The Range Rover costs about the same as the Lexus.
Even the Escalade Platinum is above $83 000.

So I guess the QX could be seen as a good deal. If you can go past the look.
Which, let’s say, is not for everyone.

In the age of electric cars and car based 7 seater luxury Crossovers, the QX is a dinosaur.
Still, most of us would love to visit Jurassic Park once in a while…

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  1. "……the escalade is tasteful? Really?"

    Not the people who buy them. But the vehicle actually is very nice.

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