More pictures of the all new Toyota RAV4

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Now it’s official.
And still, I think it looks just fine for what it competes with. It’s not for me, but it sure looks good enough to compete with the CRV, which is the best seller.

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  1. Becuase this ain't Korean, ain't no one going to bring up the 2005 Outlander's front end huh? If it was a Hyundai that's what would have been said. Also the rear pillars on the Rav-4 are also from the Jeep Campass, Pontiac Vibe, 2007 Mazda 3 hatch, Outlander, and 2013 Ford Escape. If Hyundai made a SUV like that it would be the copycat while the rest could get away with it. I'm jtz have a nice day!!!

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