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Anyone here remember these?
Anyone ever owned an Isuzu?

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  1. Sometimes there really is a disconnect between marketing (i.e. Joe Isuzu) and products. Campaigns end once you stop paying the talent. Actors don't stick around, but the products live on. The actors will go on to new gigs.

    The reality is, Isuzus suck today. And they deserve to go

  2. I have a Bedford just like the one in the 2nd add. It has an Isuzo engine. 24 years, 360.000Km (211.180 miles) and still in good shape.

  3. My first car was a 1984 Isuzu Impulse. It was a great car and I still troll the online classifieds looking for one to buy.

  4. Did he die or something? Why are we talking about him? Leisure was list last name. SOmething like that. Don't remember his first name.

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