2013 Mercedes E Class

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I still think this is a nice improvement.
It’s just too bad it didn’t get a new dashboard, like the C Class did last year.
The current, and carried over design is just really boring and not that upscale at all.

Revised coupe and convertible are coming up next…

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  1. I disagree with your opinion of the current dash (or this new one). I find them to be two of the best dash designs Mercedes has EVER put in a sedan–and by a wide margin. I almost bought an E convertable–only to find that the 2-doors have a "dumbed down" version of the 4-doors dash. So I bought a BMW instead.

  2. Placing slightly more 'rounded' headlights, air scoops and taillights on a mis-mash of completely unrelated straight lines is NOT the solution for this automotive abomination.

    Remove and Replace ASAP!

  3. This is nice. Cleaner and simpler than the previous execution. Mercedes cars tend not to look as dramatic in photos as they do in real life-I'm sure this will be beautiful when seen in person.

  4. I wonder if the US Sport model will have the painted grill, center star and unique bumper? I like how the C-Class is differentiated grill treatment depending on trim line.

  5. Not really sure what to say here. I mean the headlights are "Ehh" the front bumper design is weird, the interior is basically the same, which isn't all that bad.
    The top photo grill is basically what they show in the newer spy photos of the next s class. Not too bad

  6. The interior lacks class but will appeal to the 12 year olds. They took that stupid rear fender line off? The 12 year olds won't like that!

  7. This is one of those messes that looks like three different cars depending if you view from front, side or rear.

  8. This is the most popular vehicle among the "affluent segment" of the population. They're doing something right. I think it looks good, and no one that owns one has to explain why they bought it. Regardless of how good the competition is, everything else in this class is an alternative to this. It's a solid car.

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