2014 Cadillac ELR

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The picture on top is a teaser of the production version. The bottom one is last’ year’s concept.
Seems that so far GM has done a pretty good job at keeping the production car as close to the concept as possible.

I can’t wait for this car. Which is pretty much Cadillac’s version of the Volt. Let’s hope they kept it a hatchback. And maybe added a sunroof option as well…

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  1. THIS ELR is what GM should be offering at the Volt's price, and the Volt is what GM should be offering at the Prius price or thereabouts. Then this stuff would sell.

    If GM drops a $60k price tag on an upmarket Volt then it will fail also.

  2. I really hate all the negative people in these comments. Why don't you wait and see before you try and comment on how well it will do.

  3. @ 'Anonymous'

    I don't really care what you 'count' especially given that in many areas of the country, outside of the boondocks wherein you likely reside, the CTS/CTS-V Coupe has proven quite popular with those desiring a highly capable (true) luxury compact coupe with distinctive styling that's more than just a 2 door version of some mundane sedan e.g. the BMW 3 Series, C-Class, et al.

  4. I've seen quite a few CTS coupes. This ELR is beautiful. They won't sell as many as the Pious. 😉 But that's not going to be the point.

  5. Well….I am really moved by all the GM pro bias, but this is going to be another GM product. Meh….!

  6. GM has a long road ahead of it to shake its dubious past. So all of you who bemoan the negativity, review GM brand its quality, financial stability etc etc…. it is not pretty. As for this car is nice looking, probably drives well and not sure of it quality. Having said that would still not buy GM given I am already subsidizing this car with my tax dollars.

  7. Does this also have the stupid looking vertical tail lights? I hope not. And, will this look big from outside, but claustrophobic in the inside? And for those buyers from the boondocks, is there going to be a recall of the battery within 4 months from launch? And……

  8. What's your motivation to be such an ass? What do you drive by the way?

    2011 Mustang GT. What say you bozo?

  9. "2011 Mustang GT. What say you bozo?"

    Oh okay, for you it's a Ford/GM thing. I have an 04 Audi S4 and a 2013 Range Rover on order. I have no hangups about GM or Ford cars. The CTS-V is amazing.

  10. An outstanding device with regards to its performance, economic system, style and stability. It gives 20 KM/ Ltr regular with AC on. The leg area in the back chair is fairly reasonable and I should say the Ford has used the area ’amazingly’ well as the name represents.
    Honda Amaze

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