2014 Chevrolet Corvette

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An all new Corvette is just around the corner, and these are the 1st official info we have.
It looks like it comes from the actual manual. Or something…

So far it looks like a blend of the current model, the new Viper and way too many lines everywhere.
But I am sure the real thing looks much better and more impressive.

Still, I am a bit sad they didn’t go for an all out retro look. The Corvette has so much history.
Or an all out modern look.

So far it looks like yet another version of the design from the 80’s. Which wasn’t the best.

We’ll see the real thing in just a few days.
And besides, the current one is a blast to drive, and this should be even better….

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  1. It'll be interesting to see how well the Corvette 'loyalists' take to this new design.

    What we've been shown thus far shows very little Corvette 'heritage' in any aspect of its styling.

  2. Camaro tail lights awkwardly stuck on the old bodyshell? That's a classic GM "all new" design. Looks real enough to me.
    Corvette "loyalists" will like it. Only trouble is, everyone else will snicker at it (and at the driver's bad toupee).

  3. "Sort of premature to be criticizing, don't you think?"

    Maybe. But from these pictures, the rear looks like a plastic molded nightmare, and the interior looks like a ten year old oldsmobile. The design appears to be very out of touch. Maybe the real thing will be better.

  4. Two things I like from these photos.
    1) looks like they are keeping the Targa Top.
    2) the interior looks like a modern interp of 90's interior

  5. Lets hope that interior shines with the new "Craft" from the teaser vid. I am very anxious to see this at NAIAS…

  6. the corvette isn't exactly an aspirational machine for the 20-30 yr olds, it has been viewed mostly as the "over the hill" guy's sports car.

    A conservative design will do, if GM is targeting this segment.

  7. Tore 13 has a point, it does loot a bit like the C4. Not that that's a bad thing. Yeah, ok, maybe it isn't a styling tour de force. You want wild styling, you pay much more for it…and you don't really get THAT much more for the money.

    My biggest concern, is how comfortable is this thing to be in. That's always been my bigger issue with Corvette than what it looks like.

  8. Here's the thing with this car and comfort. It's trying to be a few things.
    1) An every day super car (Which cars costing closer to $100k can pull off)
    2) A viper competitor (Which is an unapologetic beast)
    3) As beautiful and comfortable as a European gt which it will never be.
    Pick one thing and run with it.

  9. The styling is a weird amalgam of everybody else's shapes and vents, minus most of the signature Corvette traits we have come to know and love. The loss of the heavy glass hatch is probably a good thing.. but replacing it with rear quarter windows from an '80s 280ZX is definitely not.

  10. It has that 50+ year old publik skewled / TV watching jackass look to it. I doubt they have $50K to buy it.

  11. They nailed it. Those of you posting on this site who don't get it are just not part of the market this machine is targeting. Here's a hint as to what that target is: folks who can afford to blow $50k-80k on a sports can, already have an SUV but want more, and want to buy "American" –because Capitolistic America is where they MADE all that money.
    Here's what it's NOT: Kids who can barely muster the $15k-28k for a Scion, don't care where it's made, and are still struggeling to define their own youth–not recapture it!

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