2014 Chevrolet Silverado

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Yes, 2014. From these pictures it might very well be 1985.
I am not into trucks. At all. Still, by now you’d think they could put just a little bit of styling in these.

This makes the 1997 F150 look like a spaceship…

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  1. Yeah, I have to agree with you, Vince. This is supposed to be "All New", but all I see is new head lamps and a refreshed interior.

    Pretty disappointing, but most people who drive these big trucks probably aren't too concerned with style over utility.

  2. GMC fenders, round headlights and a warmed-over dash (but the same old arm rest) and VOILA! A NEW CHEVY. Exterior is good, but dissappointing for its lack of freshness; interior is a step backwards. Curious to see what the premium dash will look like.

  3. This is really surprising given all the recent new Chevys and improvements over their predecessors, and especially the cash cow potential these trucks are to GM.

  4. LOL, I don't drive trucks either, but having to look at this on the road is a real bummer. At least Nissan toyota ford try to make the big things somewhat visually pleasing.

  5. I’m not into trucks either but to truck people this IS styling…. I like to see pick-up truck with Chevy volt front style, sleek and aerodynamic. What do I know?

  6. its a truck. truck folks dont want a stylish car; its a utiliarian box that is meant to get beat up, ya know, to get dented and scratched. dents and scratches dont look so good on stylish cars

    imagine a huge ding on this thing, no big deal to how it looks. now put that same ding on a styled body, say a hyundai….

  7. It looks like the 1998-2007 Silverado and the interior is strange–they would have been better off spending money on improving the current version IMHO. The people at Ford should have a good night's sleep tonight knowing that that is their competition.

  8. YUCK. From redneck to just plain tacky. What is with all the chrome up front. It looks like they ran out of design ideas. Also the interior is just gross. An ocean of black plastic. The only think I kind of like about it is the middle console thing. The GMC is slightly better in that it has a better looking front and a slightly more interesting interior. Though probably tackier with the obviously fake wood trim. I think they should have distinguished the interiors a bit more, at least a different ( and better) color scheme for the GMC (Grey? Tan? Cashmere? Even Fuschia would be better than black. I'm sure customers can't wait to jump into their hot hot truck with a black interior in the summer.)

    Not that I would ever buy a pickup anyway but if I did my money would go to the Ram, hands down. Capabilities-wise these trucks don't have much to differentiate themselves (and when they do, not for long) so design is the only thing to set them apart. I guess truck owners have stronger brand loyalty though, so it doesn't really matter what it looks like in the end.

    Why is this truck so macho looking? It makes it even more obvious that the guy driving it is trying to compensate for something. Although I suppose it's better than an F-250

  9. The interior is a bit tonka toy but it is functional. The exterior design is OK…Better on the Sierra.

  10. This thing looks disgusting, especially the interior with that unfinished panel off to the left of the steering wheel.

    Also, FMC my ass. This looks like a heavy MMC with a train wreck of an interior.

    GM is a failure, we should have never bailed them out.

  11. We waited 7 years for this roboticized version of the current truck?! The Sierra looks much better than this mess. This and the 2007 are the reprise from the 80s….not good.


  12. I so agree with the above- GM is a real failure and turning them into a Dem-run G-job haven was a costly mistake. The only thing new on this truck is those ill-positioned goiter eyes. On the West side of town- I'm thrilled that Ford is instilling good design and truly innovative power-trains into trucks! Reading about a rumored 2.9 turbo V6 has me giddy.

  13. You want a true eyesore? Wait for the next F150…It is friggin LAUGHABLE!

    Agree about the panel left of the steering wheel…It attracts the eye like a POS floating in a punch bowl.

  14. It's a good refresh. Remember the style has to translate into the Yukon, suburban, and escalade and thank god this means they will still be trucks and not crossovers

  15. In Texas or a rural community, these trucks make perfect sense. Guys who can afford it will gladly write a $50k check (no financing) on a pickup without blinking an eye. It's not about supercar performance. Looking at this from that sort of perspective, this is a fine truck. It doesn't break any new ground, but it's going to sell just fine. Ford and Dodge are the ones to push style boundaries. Ford is generally more successful at it. GM sticks with a tried-n-true design.

  16. These comments are insane. Any quote that starts with "I'm not a truck person" is like someone going on any car site and saying "I'm not a car person, but…". If that's the case, you're not the intended buyer, so it doesn't matter. Trucks are functional, but if Ford's "spaceship" '97 design was really the direction a truck buyer wanted to go then Ford's trucks would have gone that way…they didn't. It's about the look along with functionality.
    Lastly, highly successful brands evolve, not just change drastically(see Porsche 911). This isn't perfect, but many of you are totally missing what trucks are for.

  17. You said it best – you're not into trucks. And that's cool, but it means you might not be the best judge of what works with them. This is a great looking truck – every bit what a truck should look like. Thankfully they left all of the car-like overesign out of it.

  18. This truck will sell, will do its job, and will have high resale value for years to come (partially due to not making drastic styling changes). If you want swoopy, swooshy lines, buy an Audi or Hyundai. Besides, these things are for ranchers and contractors first, not downtown desk job commuters going on hot dates.

    LOL@ all these "anonymous" idiots (probably the exact same person) getting their GM bash on with every GM post.

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