2014 Mercedes CLA

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Finally, the real thing.
The all new compact Mercedes sedan that will be coming here next year. Battling mostly the all new Audi A3 sedan.
It also would be really nice to see good pictures of it, without the assy black wheels…

That’s coming up soon.

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  1. This a textbook example of 'over designing'.

    This 'thing' has more disparate 'character lines' going in every direction imaginable that the entire thing just looks like someone went all Samurai Warrior on every external surface!

    … and that interior GPS/MM display looks like they forgot to add it so they just grabbed whatever small tablet that was on the clearance rack at Best Buy and plopped it on top of the dashboard.

    What A Friggin' Mess of a Car!

  2. That has to be the AMG version.. it's too aggressive to be a basic Mercedes sedan.. though I'm guessing it doesn't get a traditional shield grille in any trim level.

  3. The outside looks like most recent Mercedeseseses: way too busy, no coherence. I think that it was designed in a very small room. The designers couldn't step back and see the whole thing at once.

    The interior looks fake. 3 centre vents? 50 buttons? I suspect the production version will be much cheaper to build.

  4. Though there are a hell of a lot of lines on this small car I think it still looks good. The interior might look a bit cheap, but hey they threw that nav screen in the g as well no?

  5. omg. hyundai influencing an mb design.

    kudos to hyundai to accomplish that feat in only 25 years of exporting out of a third world nation…

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