All Infiniti cars will be “Q” now…

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As you can see, Infiniti will be renaming all their cars and SUVs starting next year with the new G.
Which will be called the Q50.
And just like BMW just did with the 4 series, the coupe version of that car will not be the Q50 Coupe, but the Q60.

And all SUVs/Crossovers will be called QX.

Not sure it really is an improvement, but if it keeps them happy, why not…

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  1. Sad. And shows how much (too much) control Nissan's marketing has over Infiniti engineering and design. Instead of creating a new, true Q successor, it is far easier to just rename the current models, which while not bad are not the Q45 of years ago.

    The other pathetic marketing variable at play is that if a high performance Infiniti model's liters under the current nomenclature placed its moniker "under" a similar series designation, like a performance G coming in at "less" than 3.7 liters, marketing would not know what to do with that more expensive model's name, so again it is easier if the entire lineup's name is vanilla as not to offend the sundae.

  2. What an utterly daft move on Nissan/Infiniti's part.

    They've worked all these years to earn some clout in the G, FX, M and QX lines and now they go and do this ?

  3. Just plain stupid.. and interesting that they're locking their SUV lineup into such a tight numbering scheme, not allowing themselves to follow BMW and Audi into the "coupe" crossover niche like X6 and upcoming Q4.. unless they plan to call those potential models QX65 and QX75!

  4. Wonder if this is intended to offset the perception of the JX as a "lesser" vehicle because its FWD architecture limits it to "35" status where the rest of the Infiniti line are at least "37".. and also probably to make up for the smaller-displacement motors they will be getting from Mercedes. Or perhaps Mercedes is demanding these names as a "non-competitive" clause so their numerical displacements don't indicate that Infinitis are sharing their motors? Hmmm…

  5. Infinity are moving from a bunch of boring, undescriptive names to another bunch of boring and undescriptive names? Thankfully the product is memorable. Oh wait…

  6. Why don't they rename them as they replace them with new models? It's awful to rename the same car midway through its cycle.

    Speaking of cars, since that's supposed to be what they are focused on, they really need to spend some time thinking about that. Their current lineup is hideous. Their SUVs are a joke really.

  7. So all of that brand equity and recognition they've built up for the past 20 years, they are throwing away for some stupid naming scheme.

    Incredibly stupid.

  8. well done again, touche' Nissan Infiniti. You win! This brings unifomity, direction and consistency. All cars Q and all suv QX. Brilliant, clean , simple, focussed

  9. This is done for ONE (1) reason and one reason only: Marketing Costs. Same exact reason everyone from Cadillac (SRX,SLS,DTS,CTS,ATS, etc) to Lincoln (MKX,MKS,MKZ, etc) to Chrysler (300, 200, 100 etc) has greatly SIMPLIFIED their nomenclature. With so many makers competeing for smaller pieces of the pie, nobody has the cash to Advertise/Promote/Market a specific model (like Chrysler's New Yorker Brougham Regency Coupe or Cadillac's Fleetwood Brougham Tailsman Edition); so they market the entire line as 1 entity and let you sort out the pricing/nameing once you get to the dealer. (But first they have to keep the BRAND in your mind long enough to GET you THERE.) Thats why Mercedes, BMW, and eventually Audi switched to it so long ago–they didn't have the market share or marketing budget to promote each model separately and be efficent at it.

  10. They just "Volvo'd" themselves…yeah…That should work out well for them. They might want to try designing cars adults might want to buy.

  11. I am not sure why people have such strong opinions on this subject. It is not like the current letter/number are classic? What does kinda confuse me is why they didn't try and make it more descriptive? Like BMW 335, 3 small, 35 3.5 liter. At least my G37 told you it had a 3.7 liter engine in it and you shouldn't try and pass it!LOL

  12. 'Anonymous'

    BMW and Mercedes long strayed away from the name convention you've outlined as the BMW 335 is NOT a 3.5 litter anything but instead is a 3.0 Turbo and even worse, the 328 is nothing but a 2.0 liter turbo, with Mercedes doing pretty much the same thing.

    Anyway… Infiniti's current vehicle names are just fine the way they (currently) are, In Fact, they were some of the only ones that did follow the Vehicle Series + Engine Displacement pattern.

    This whole 'Q' nonsense is just ridiculous.

  13. How interesting.. the press release about this new naming convention originated from Hong Kong.. so this is obviously being done to launch the Infiniti brand globally, with little regard to the effect it will have on their US customer loyalty and resale values. Guess we can look forward to the Q30 compact hybrid sedan and the Q20 sporty hatchback arriving next, as well as the QX65 4-door coupe SUV.

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